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Claremont Jumps Into The Draft Raft

Friday, October 20, 2023 - 2:50 PM

2023 AFL National Draft Combine

With Daniel Curtin unable to participate in the physical challenges due to recovering from a hamstring injury, Zane Zakostelsky proved he had the stamina, speed, and agility to show up many from across the nation in the 2023 National Draft Combine.


Zane Zakostelky showed off his abilities, finishing in the top 10 in 4 of the 5 tests, including producing the best standing vertical jump, leaping 80cm. The best height achieved since 2017.


Here are the remainder of our Claremont Men’s results from the combine:


20m Sprint

Zane Zakostelky | 2.953 seconds | Placing 6th overall.


Agility Test

Zane Zakostelky | 8.233s | Placing 5th overall.


Vertical Jump

Zane Zakostelky | 80cm | Placing 1st overall.


Running Vertical Jump

Zane Zakostelky | 94cm | Placing 6th overall.




2023 AFL State Draft Combine


Sam Van Rooyen and Joe Fonti were invited to take part in the AFL State Draft Combine, which showcased incredible athletic abilities.

Here are the results based on the top 3 of each test, from the AFL State Draft Combine:


20m Sprint

Joe Fonti | 2.884 seconds


Agility Test

Sam Van Rooyen | 7.898 seconds

Joe Fonti | 7.997 seconds


Running Vertical Jump

Joe Fonti | 94cm


The AFL Draft will commence on Monday 20th November. Good luck to our boys!


2023 AFLW Draft Combine

Two of our women’s players, Ella Slocombe and Eva O’Donnell, stood tall at the AFLW Draft Combine recently, with Ella showing electrifying results that will hopefully see them high up in the draft selections.

Here are the results based on the top 3 of each test, from the AFLW Draft Combine:


20m Sprint

Ella Slocombe | 3.307 seconds


Vertical Jump

Eva O’Donnell | 48cm

Ella Slocombe | 50cm


Running Vertical Jump

Ella Slocombe | 68cm


2km Time Trial

Ella Slocombe | 7:52min


The AFLW Draft will begin on Monday 18th December. Good luck to our girls!