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Claremont Women’s Football Club | CLUB LEGENDS

CFCW Club Legends

Over the decades, the Claremont Women’s Football Club have been lucky enough to have the support of some outstanding volunteers, leaders and players. These are our Club Legends.

Tiffany Harken

Life Member – Inducted 2006

Tiff was the first ever Life Member Inductee for the CWFC in 2006 and dedicated her time to the club for over 15 years. She was a strong player for the club representing WA on multiple occasions as well as taking on captain and coaching roles. Throughout her involvement with the club, Tiff held various positions on the committee including Secretary. Toward the end of her football career, coaching became a focus with her heading up CWFC teams as well as holding assistant coaching roles with the state team.

In 2013, Tiff packed up the magnets and hung up her boots for good after seeing the club through some of its hardest and most rewarding times.

Charmaine Rogers

WAFL Life Member – inducted 2019

Life Member – Inducted 2006

Hall of Fame – Inducted 2012

“Charmie” has been a stalwart of the club for over 20 years. She started her career with the club as a player, moved on to work on the committee in various roles including Club President and continues to maintain her involvement as a senior coach. Over the years Charmie has dedicated countless hours to the club to ensure it remains strong and successful. Charmie is also a Life Member of the WAWFL and has the Rogers Cup named after her in recognition of her service to female football in WA.

Kim Besser

Hall of Fame – Inducted 2009

“Besser” as she’s affectionately known around the club started playing for the club in 1992. She holds the club games record with over 250 outings for the IWFC and CWFC. Throughout her two and half decades at the club, Bess has played in 6 premierships and continuously gained the respect from her team mates and coaches with a handful of other club awards. As well as her on field success, Besser has also contributed her time to the club off field through fundraising, recruitment and promotional events.

Brietta Harken

Hall of Fame – Inducted 2016

Brie played her first game for the club in 1998 and was immediately hooked. Throughout the following twelve years she would go on to fill various Club and League roles. A ten year tenure on the committee saw her taking on several important roles including Secretary, Treasurer and Team Manager. She was also the first Coach and Captain of the first ever CWFC Reserves side. Brie still remains a fierce supporter of the Club and of female football.

Aimee Barber

Hall of Fame – Inducted 2016

Starting out as team manager in 2005 and selling beer from an esky on game days, Aimee’s involvement in the club was instrumental in shaping who we are today. Aimee was the key to the club affiliating with the Claremont Tigers and negotiating the use of the facilities. Throughout Aimee’s tenure as President she updated policies and streamlined practices to ensure the Club had strong organisational governance. She also assisted other WAWFL clubs to update and implement policies to strengthen their organisational governance. Aimee is also a Life Member of the WAWFL in recognition of her contributions to female football in WA.


League Best and Fairest

2021 Rachel Ortlepp

2020 Sasha Goranova

2019 Emily Bonser

2018 Jasmin Stewart

2017 Jasmin Stewart

2016 Chloe Colegate

2014 Lara Filocamo

2013 Belinda Smith

2012 Chloe Colegate

2011 Leanne Campbell

2010 Rachel Paterson

2009 Rachel Paterson

2008 Rachel Paterson

2007 Rachel Paterson

2006 Deanne Coates

2005 Danielle Fagents

2004 Danielle Fagents

2003 Catherine Mason

2002 Deanne Coates

2000 Hailey Merrick

1999 Vanessa Crisp

1998 Jane Humphreys

1997 Cindy Farinosi

1996 Vanessa Crisp

1995 Dhara Kerr

1994 Dhara Kerr

1993 Dhara Kerr

1992 Dhara Kerr

1991 Julie Burnett

1990 April Hames

1989 Kara Graham

1988 Kara Graham


Rookie of the Year

2021 Kelsey Lang

2020 Taylor Evans

2019 Jessica Low

2018 Jasmina Andros

2017 Ellen D’Cruz

2016 Jasmin Stewart

2015 Jenna Websdale

2014 Zoe Palandri

2013 Lara Filocamo

2012 Angel Hayward

2011 Belinda Smith

2010 Corbie Harden

2009 Grace Dempster

2008 Amanda Robertson

2007 Rachael Patterson

2006 Ashley Atkinson

2004 Monica Jacobs

2002 Louise Andersen

2001 Sharon Squire

2000 Karen Cowley

1999 Karola Englert

1998 Hailey Merrick

1997 Natalie Steele


President’s Award

2021 Aisling Pawlowski

2020 Jessie Barker

2019 Andrea Gilmore

2018 Brigitte Shenton

2017 Angel Hayward

2016 Louise Carey

2015 Alana Barbato

2014 Eleanor Grinceri

2013 Eleanor Grinceri

2012 Rebecca Boladeras

2011 Jorja Jones

2010 Charmaine Rogers

2009 Alana Barbato

2008 Brietta Harkin

2007 Tiffany Harkin

2006 Hayley Sadler

2002 Deanne Coates

2001 Danielle Fagents

2000 Leonie Stephenson

1999 Monique Boucher

1998 Tiffany Harken

1997 Charmaine Rogers,

Mick Rogers