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CFC Game Day Hospitality

You don't have to be a member to attend any of our below listed Game Day Experiences. Is your favourite team the opposing team? That's okay! We welcome you to come join us at any of our experiences at Revo Fitness Stadium. We won't hold it against you!


Indulge in the ultimate game day tradition with a President's Luncheon – a warm and inviting experience that sets the stage for an unforgettable day of footy festivities.

Join us for a delightful sit-down meal filled with delectable dishes and refreshing beverages, with wines by Vasse Felix, setting the perfect tone for the excitement ahead. Be inspired by our esteemed guest speakers as they share their passion for the game, weaving tales and insights that will leave you even more enthralled by the sport you adore.

Whether you're a seasoned supporter or a newcomer to the game, the President's Luncheon welcomes you with open arms.

President's Luncheon are held prior to each League game at Revo Fitness Stadium. They run until the bouncedown of the game, giving you enough time to enjoy the festivities before finding your seat in the grandstand or in the exclusive R.J. Kyle Lounge inside.

Spots are limited. $90 per person. To enquire on booking your spot, please email

Step into the ultimate game day haven with the Balter Balcony experience!

Picture this: you and your crew, perched high above the excitement on your private balcony, immersed in the electrifying atmosphere of the game. But that's just the beginning. A curated esky awaits, brimming with ice-cold Balter beers, the perfect accompaniment to the thrilling action unfolding below. And at halftime, prepare your taste buds for a culinary delight with Culley's hot pies, piping hot and bursting with flavor.

Elevate your game day experience to new heights with the Balter Balcony – where every moment is a winning moment. Book now and make memories that will last long after the final whistle blows.

Please be advised that a minimum of 4 people is required to book your spot. $70 per person.

To enquire on booking your spot, please email









Welcome to the ultimate game day indulgence at Tigress Terrace!

Elevate your experience at Claremont Women's home games with our exclusive offer: book your spot and unlock a world of flavor and excitement.

Savor the match with a complimentary bottle of Vasse Felix wine, perfectly paired to enhance every moment of action on the field. And when halftime arrives, treat your taste buds to the savory satisfaction of Culley's Hot Pies, the perfect fuel to keep you cheering until the final siren.

Don't miss out on this premium game day experience – reserve your place at Tigress Terrace and immerse yourself in the thrill of women's sports like never before!

Please be advised that a minimum of 4 people is required to book your spot. $40 per person.

To enquire on booking your spot, please email

Get ready to redefine game day excellence with our board room experience! Say goodbye to crowded bars and hello to the VIP treatment. Immerse yourself in the heart of the action with premium seating and unparalleled views of the game.

But that's just the beginning – indulge in the luxury of your own fully stocked bar fridge, ensuring your favorite beverages are always within arm's reach. And when halftime hits, satisfy your cravings with the savory goodness of Culley's pie, served exclusively for our board room guests.

Elevate your game day tradition and reserve your spot now for an unforgettable experience that's leagues above the rest!

To enquire on booking your spot, please email