Reid Shines In New Role | Round 11 Colts Match Report

Tuesday, June 10, 2014 - 11:35 AM

For much of his career with the Claremont colts side Nick Reid has played as a goalkicking forward. But in the past week, first against Subiaco in round ten and then against West Perth at the Showgrounds on Saturday morning, the sturdy left-footer has excelled as a defender.

Playing at centre-half-back against a variety of West Perth forwards, including Jamie Ryder, Nathan Alexandre and Angus Allen, he was the cornerstone of a solid backline which restricted the Cardinals to eight goals.

The Tigers were well and truly off the boil in the first half when they managed just three goals before they lifted their rating to outscore West Perth, seven goals to four, in the second half and record a 15-point victory to consolidate their spot in third position on the premiership table.

Isaac Baum also is relishing a change of roles. He started the season as a forward before moving to a wing and then on Saturday he gave an outstanding performance on the ball, finishing with seven marks, 21 kicks, eight effective handpasses, five clearances from stoppages and four inside 50s.

Baum started with a bang, with six kicks and five handpasses in the opening quarter, but Claremont struggled and trailed, 2.2 to West Perth’s 3.3 at quarter-time. And despite the continued brilliance of Baum and strong service from Jack Prendiville and Scott Trickey, the Tigers scored one goal in the second term to trail by five points at half-time in a low-scoring battle.

Gradually Claremont gained the upper hand in the second half with a side severely depleted by the absence of eight members of the WA under-18 squad.

The Falcons stunned the Tigers with a goal to Alexandre in the opening minute and another to Kaidyen Fullgrabe three minutes later. Claremont steadied, but it took the side 15 minutes to trouble the scorers --- with a goal to Ashley Johnson, who gathered the ball (sent in long by Alex Manuel) in the goal square and popped it through for a major with his first kick in colts football.

It was a West Perth blunder which enabled the Tigers to score their second goal at the 22-minute mark. A West Perth defender booted the ball out on the full and Reid, pressing forward, got the free-kick and passed the ball to full-forward Matt Cairns for the first of his two goals.

The contest failed to reach any great heights in the second term, during which each side managed a solitary goal, one to West Perth’s Tyson Moulton at the nine-minute mark and the second to Trickey five minutes before half-time.

The diminutive Trickey, a member of West Perth’s pre-season colts squad in 2013, was aided by a free-kick and a 50m penalty. After a forced point to Claremont, the West Perth kick-in bounced out of bounds without being touched on Claremont’s right half-forward flank.  A 50m penalty made a certainty of the goal.

A rejuvenated Claremont burst into action after the long break and the home side took the lead (by one point) for the first time in the match one minute after half-time when Manuel gained the knock at a stoppage and Sam Humphry sent the ball forward where Tom Gajewski took the mark and kicked truly.

Two minutes later Cairns and Matt Guelfi combined to send the ball deep into attack for Manuel to boot Claremont’s fifth goal. The sixth came six minutes later after Gajewski had kicked a point. Debutant Ryan Murphy gained possession from the kick-in and his goal extended Claremont’s lead to 15 points.

West Perth replied with a goal to Moulton and Claremont hit back with a goal to Guelfi. This followed a move started by Cairns, taking a mark in defence and then delivering to Gajewski, who took a superb mark on the left wing. Gajewski drove the ball forward where Russell Wynne battled hard and the ball spilt to Adam Volaric, who handpassed to Guelfi.

Late in the quarter a soccered goal to Allen kept West Perth well and truly in the game. Then a three-goal to two final quarter to Claremont sealed the issue. Gajewski was continuing in splendid form and he scored his second and Claremont’s eighth goal early in the final term after a good passage of play, involving Murphy, Prendiville and Jacob Delaporte.

A mark in the goalsquare enabled Ryder to boot West Perth’s seventh goal and reduce Claremont’s lead to seven points. The Tigers were not to be denied and they replied with a goal to Manuel after he marked a pass from Johnson. Only two goals were scored in the final 15 minutes, the first to West Perth’s Moulton and the next to Cairns after he had marked a kick from Wynne.

by Ken Casellas


Claremont 10.10 (70) beat West Perth 8.7 (55)

Scorers---CLAREMONT: T. Gajewski 2.2; A. Manuel 2.1; M. Cairns 2.0; M. Guelfi, A. Johnson, R. Murphy, S. Trickey 1.0; J. Barty, A. Birch, J. Delaporte, S. Humphry, A. Volaric 0.1; 1pt forced. WEST PERTH: T. Moulton 3.1; A. Allen 2.0; N. Alexandre, K. Fullgrabe, J. Ryder 1.1; W. Michell, J. Sheehan-Nel 0.1; 1pt forced.

Best---CLAREMONT: I. Baum, J. Prendiville, T. Gajewski, N. Reid, S. Humphry, S. Trickey, R. Murphy, M. Cairns. WEST PERTH: C. Hinchcliffe, W. Michell, M. Peirce, T. Moulton, T. Manners, A. Smith.

Humphry, Prendiville Show The Way | Round 10 Colts Match Report

Friday, June 6, 2014 - 12:01 PM

A flying start by Claremont at the Showgrounds on Monday night paved the way for a 30-point victory over Subiaco which ended a disquieting three-match losing sequence.

And it was the continued excellence of spirited, hard-working midfielders Sam Humphry and Jack Prendiville that kept the Tigers on track, particularly after a dismal second-quarter slump. These two stalwarts have become the mainstays of the side in the protracted absence of Claremont’s WA under-18 representatives.

And no summary of Monday’s win can be written without a special mention of the wonderful silky skills of 16-year-old rover Sam Seton, a youngster destined to make his mark in higher ranks.

Claremont’s win enabled the side to move into third spot on the premiership table. Swan Districts show the way on 32 points and lead from South Fremantle (28), with Claremont, Subiaco and East Fremantle on 20 points. The Tigers have a healthy percentage of 143.08, which puts them ahead of Subiaco (116.90) and East Fremantle (74.19).

Eighteen-year-olds Humphry and Prendiville have not missed a match this season and they deserve praise for maintaining their high standards week after week. On Monday, Humphry took two marks, had 14 kicks, made six effective handpasses, applied three tackles, gained nine clearances from stoppages and delivered the ball into his side’s attacking zone five times.

Prendiville took five marks, had 13 kicks, made eight effective handpasses, laid three tackles and had three clearances and two inside 50s. The brilliant Seton took seven marks, had 16 kicks, eight effective handpasses, five clearances and five inside 50s.

The Tigers were desperately keen to snap out of the doldrums and they left the Maroons floundering in the opening 16 minutes of the match when they piled on 5.2 to nil. Nippy rover Lawrence Evans, resplendent in his bright green boots, booted two of the first five goals, with the others being scored by Scott Trickey, Russell Wynne and Jacob Delaporte.

In the final seven minutes of the quarter Subiaco kicked three goals and Claremont got another off the boot of Alex Manuel after he had accepted a handpass from Evans.

The Tigers, who led by 20 points at quarter-time, lost concentration and their early poise in a miserable second term when they managed just three behinds, while the Lions added four goals to go into the half-time break with an unexpected one-point lead.

The Tigers came out with greater resolve after half-time and the contest developed into an arm wrestle with neither side managing to score in the opening 12 minutes of the quarter before Delaporte drove the ball forward where Isaac Baum took a mark. But Baum’s shot from the right flank crashed into the top of the left goal post.

A minute later Manuel, in the unusual role of ruckman, rose to gain a splendid tap from a boundary throw-in, with the ball going straight to Seton, whose snapped goal put the Tigers six points in front.

In the final minute of the quarter Seton gained possession at a stoppage on the left wing before he surged forward and booted the ball deep into attack where Wynne soared to take a spectacular mark after a Subiaco opponent. The siren sounded and then Wynne popped through a goal from close range to extend Claremont’s lead to 11 points after restricting Subiaco to two behinds in the quarter.

The Tigers maintained their dominance in the final term, adding 4.2 to 1.1 to finish with a comfortable 30-point margin. Defender Francis Watson, Delaporte and Seton combined to get the ball to Wynne for Claremont’s opening last-quarter goal.

Seton was continuing in grand style before he made a rare mistake, turning the ball over with an ill-directed ambitious short pass at half-forward.  Subiaco then swept forward and 30 seconds later it was Seton, after dashing more than 100 metres downfield, who took a mark deep in defence to foil a Subiaco attack.

Just after nine minutes of play Harry Wilkinson sent the ball inside 50, enabling Delaporte to score his second major and four minutes later Wynne scored his fourth goal from point-blank range after some good work from Trickey and Adam Volaric. The ball went back to the centre where Nic Reid and Seton got the ball to ruckman Will McSweeney, whose long kick was marked by Baum for the final goal of the match.

Claremont remained in control for the rest of the contest and it was significant that it was Seton who was still shining in the dying minutes as he passed to Greg Colbung, whose long, low pass was marked by McSweeney. Only a point resulted, but it was a highly commendable performance from the Tigers.

by Ken Casellas


Claremont 12.10 (82) beat Subiaco 8.4 (52)

Scorers---CLAREMONT: R. Wynne 4.0; J. Delaporte, L. Evans 2.0; I. Baum 1.2; A. Manuel, S. Seton, S. Trickey 1.0; M. Cairns 0.2; W. McSweeney, N. Reid 0.1; 4pts forced. SUBIACO: J. Woodley 3.1; R. McAlister 2.0; A. Swain, J. Underwood, B. Waters 1.0; G. Clark 0.2; 1pt forced.

Best---CLAREMONT: S. Seton, S. Humphry, J. Prendiville, N. Barrow, R. Wynne, S. Trickey, N. Reid, F. Watson, G. Colbung, I. Baum. SUBIACO: A. Summers, B. Evans, T. Edwards, J. Woodley, G. Clark, T. Hooper, A. Swain, J. Hatch.


Breakey Excels In Tagging Role | Round 10 League Match Report

Thursday, June 5, 2014 - 5:47 PM

The Claremont Tigers are on the march. A grand four-quarter effort against Subiaco at the Showgrounds on Monday had Claremont fans roaring their approval of a side which has been improving steadily and now will be determined to rise from eighth on the premiership table.

Claremont’s spirited performance against the second-placed Lions earned the side a hard-fought and highly-deserving nine-point victory. It was a massive turnaround from the 80-point loss to Subiaco in round three two months earlier.

Now the immediate task is to replicate Monday’s display against West Perth at the Showgrounds next Saturday afternoon. The Tigers are aiming to develop their temporary home ground into a fortress.

Each one of the 22 players rose to the occasion and played a role in Monday’s heart-warming victory. But one young man stood out and deserves special acclamation. Hugo Breakey, in his first league appearance of 2014 --- after receiving fractured bones in his right hand in the round one reserves match against Perth at Lathlain Park in March --- was a match winner.

The 20-year-old Breakey, in his ninth WAFL appearance, was given the onerous task of tagging star George Hampson, Subiaco’s joint fairest-and-best winner last year, a WA representative this year and the leader in the $5000 AAMI WAFL Player of the Year competition.

Hampson, who booted 4.4 against the Tigers in the previous clash against Claremont, lined up on a half-forward flank and Breakey stuck to him like glue, constantly thwarting him with his tight-checking tactics. A frustrated Hampson did not take a mark and was restricted to four kicks (two of them free-kicks) and four three effective handpasses.

Hampson’s only score was a snapped goal just before the 20-minute mark of the final quarter. Breakey took four marks, had 12 kicks (including a goal) and drove the ball inside his side’s 50m attacking zone four times. He was credited with five tackles, a total which was equalled only by Claremont’s Andrew Foster.

It was a wonderful return to senior football by Breakey, who has suffered from shoulder problems in the past couple of years and then had the misfortune to damage his right hand just after half-time of the round-one reserves match against Perth this year. This was the result of a typical courageous effort from Breakey, who was hurt as he smothered a kick off the boot of a Perth opponent.

This required surgery when a couple of screws were inserted in his hand, which was encased in a protective black glove on Monday. Since his injury Breakey has shown wonderful discipline in keeping himself fit by working hard in the gymnasium and running every day. He resumed in the reserves side in the round-nine match against Swan Districts.

While Breakey excelled against Hampson, Matt Goyder also did a fine job in a back pocket where he won his duel against Chris Deluca and restricted him to a single goal, from a free-kick.

Claremont’s victory was a triumph for youth, as well as meticulous planning and firm self-belief. It was wonderful to watch the Claremont forwards line up at the start of the contest, with the full-forward line comprising 19-year-olds Brenden Abbott and debutant Mitch McGovern and 18-year-old Steven Edwards (all from Albany in the heart of Claremont’s Great Southern zone). For good measure, 18-year-old Albany product Darcy Cameron came off the bench early in the first quarter to take a turn at full-forward. 

The starting half-forwards were 21-year-olds Anton Hamp and Jack Richardson and 28-year-old Andrew Foster. 

Mark Seaby and Cameron held sway in the ruck duels and the Tigers had hard-working and efficient wingers in Tom Taylor and Sam Fong as well as a band of productive midfielders in acting captain Luke Blackwell, Ryan Neates, Foster, Jack Bradshaw, Corey Yeo and Matt Orzel.

It was tough, unyielding and spirited football in the first half when the lead changed hands eight times and the scores were level on another five occasions. Subiaco held a one-point lead at quarter-time and half-time. Claremont regained the lead 69 seconds into the third quarter and did not relinquish that advantage for the rest of the contest.

The early pace was a cracker, with Subiaco gaining the clearance from the opening bounce, Lachlan Delahunty taking a mark and then passing to full-forward Matt Boland for a goal with 60 seconds on the clock. The Tigers replied a minute later when Hamp gathered a Subiaco clearing kick and booting a major with the left boot from left half-forward.

Three minutes later a Blackwell handpass found Foster, who was pushed in the back, received a free-kick and a 50m penalty for Claremont’s second goal. Subiaco hit back with goals to Boland and Rhys Waters (from a free-kick for a high tackle) before the Tigers drew level with a Richardson goal (after receiving a delicate short pass from Bradshaw).

Four minutes later it was Blackwell to McGovern to Richardson for Claremont’s fourth major, after Richardson met with interference from Clancy Wheeler and received a free-kick. Then an accurate Boland snap saw the scores tied at 4.1 apiece. It was see-sawing stuff and Claremont were back in front again with a snapped goal from Edwards, following some cohesive work from Abbott, Hamp and Neates.

A soccered goal from Waters followed by a behind from Boland (from a free-kick) had the Maroons in front by a point at quarter-time.

It took the Tigers only 52 seconds to get back in front again in the second term. Taylor drove the ball long into attack where Cameron held a strong, contested mark for a goal. A free-kick to Deluca for a high tackle earned Subiaco their sixth goal, but the Tigers regained the lead four minutes later when Richardson posted his third goal, following passes from Taylor and Neates.

Then, remarkably, only one more goal was scored in the final 19 minutes of the quarter, a major to Shane Yarran after he had taken a mark. Shortly after that Cameron took a mark, but his shot at goal was fractionally off line, with the ball ploughing into the right goal post.

The Tigers were smartest into stride after the half-time break with a short, low pass from Richardson finding Bradshaw for the first of his three goals, with 69 seconds on the clock. This gave Claremont a five-point advantage, a lead they maintained until the final siren.

A goal to Foster (after a free-kick) was answered by a fourth goal from Boland, enabling the Lions to close the gap to five points. Five minutes later the hard-working Foster received a free-kick on the left wing and he passed to Bradshaw to give the Tigers some more breathing space.

Four minutes later the Tigers took full advantage of a fortuitous situation. Richardson was tackled as he was about to shoot at goal. Though thrown off balance, Richardson was able to get boot to ball and the ball slewed forward about 20m and landed on the chest of Breakey, who then brought up full points.

Foster again was to the fore, this time chasing Subiaco’s Brett Mahoney and earning a free-kick. He handballed to Fong, whose pass was marked by Hamp. But only a behind resulted. Blackwell gained yet another clearance from a stoppage at left half-forward and his rushed kick was marked by Edwards for another behind.

Once again, it was Claremont first out of the blocks at the start of a quarter. Neates gained the clearance at the opening bounce of the final term and the ball was sent forward, resulting in a snapped major from Bradshaw with just 19 seconds on the clock.

But the Maroons were not to be denied and they scored the next two goals, along with a succession of points. There was only five points the difference at the 20-minute mark. Two minutes later Claremont supporters breathed a heavy sigh of relief when Abbott gained possession at right half-forward and handballed to Neates, who centred the ball for Hamp to pull down an excellent mark 10m out and dead in front.

Hamp’s goal virtually sealed the issue. However, Subiaco refused to surrender and added a couple of behinds which left the Tigers triumphant by nine points.     

It was a great game.

by Ken Casellas


Claremont 13.9 (87) beat Subiaco 10.18 (78)

Scorers---CLAREMONT: J. Richardson 3.1; J. Bradshaw 3.0; A. Hamp 2.1; A. Foster 2.0; S. Edwards 1.2; D. Cameron 1.1; H. Breakey 1.0; B. Abbott, L. Blackwell, M. Seaby, C. Yeo 0.1. SUBIACO: M. Boland 4.2; R. Waters 2.0; S. Yarran 1.3; C. Deluca 1.1; G. Hampson, K. Horsley 1.0; C. Phelan 0.2; J. Bristow, J. Kayler-Thomson, N. Mahoney, J. Scafidi 0.1; 6pts forced.    

Best---CLAREMONT: H. Breakey, L. Blackwell, C. Yeo, A. Foster, J. Bradshaw, R. Neates, J. Richardson, S. Fong, T. Taylor. SUBIACO: C. Phelan, M. Boland, D. Leishman, J. Kayler-Thomson, K. Horsley, J. Bristow.

Round 11 Preview Claremont V West Perth

Thursday, June 5, 2014 - 11:46 AM

Claremont will be looking to make it consecutive wins for the first time this season when they host West Perth at the Showgrounds this Saturday.

The Tigers got back to winning ways with a thrilling nine-point win over the Lions in round 10, while the Falcons lost to bitter rivals East Perth by 16 points.

The Tigers have won games against Peel Thunder and the Lions in their two games at the venue this season, and also defeated the Falcons by 12 points at Arena Joondalup back in round two.

Only one win separates the two teams on the ladder, with both sides striving for consistency in what’s been a season of mixed fortunes to date.

The Tigers will be looking to replicate what was their best first half this season against the Lions, while the Falcons will be looking to improve on their seven-goal effort against the Royals.

The result could come down to the battle in midfield, with both teams boasting significant weapons.

The ruck battle also looms as pivotal with Mark Seaby and Darcy Cameron coming up against the likes of Chris Keunen and Seva Martin.

Tiger’s captain Jake Murphy is set to miss a second game with an achilles injury, while vice-captain Trinity Handley will remained sidelined with a broken thumb.

A crowd of 3, 300 spectators were on hand to see the Tigers defeat the Lions on WA Day, and the club would love to see another fantastic turnout on Saturday.

A win for the Tigers could see the team just one win outside the top four.

Bounce down is at 2.05pm.

by Dan Scamozzi

Tigers Mauled by Lions | Round 10 Reserves Match Report

Wednesday, June 4, 2014 - 1:35 PM

Claremont (Reserves) has lost its third game for the season after being completely dismantled by Subiaco at the Showgrounds.

After being held scoreless in the opening term, the Tigers never recovered as the Lions ran out 102-point winners, 18.18 (126) to 3.6 (24).

The visitors were first to pounce when Dylan Clarke snapped truly in the opening minute of the game, before Ray Daniels had their second major at the seven minute mark.

A second to Clarke shortly after saw the Lions lead out to 18 points as a shell-shocked Tigers outfit tried to come to grips with the contest.

Incredibly, the Tigers did not register an I50m entry until 13 minutes into the game.

The game had its first flash point at the 16 minute mark when Lion James Hughes appeared to have his number taken for an incident involving Tiger Ben Higgs behind the play.

It appeared to have little impact on the contest, as the Lions added further goals through Jordan Bestry and Simon Moore on their way to a 33-point lead at the first change.

Coach Nigel Wilson implored his players to re-group and reset for the second term, while believing in each other and adhering to team structures.

A fast start to the second term saw the Tigers finally on the scoreboard, albeit through a minor score, before the Lions inflicted further misery through goals to Joel Ashman and Dane Stephen.

Jordan Aitken snapped the home sides’ first major for the game at the 14 minute mark, however, the Tigers still trailed by 40 points.

The Tigers joy was short-lived as the Lions kicked the next four goals to place a stranglehold on the game.

A late Tigers goal to Jayden Brooks from tight on the boundary line provided little more than consolation as the Lions took a commanding 57-point lead into the long break.

The third term was dominated by the visitors, with the Lions adding 5.6 to a paltry 0.2 as they turned for home with a 91-point lead.

Wilson encouraged his players to salvage some pride in the last term on what had so far been a humiliating day for the home side.

To make matters worse for the Tigers, Sam Lamont had to be assisted from the field by medical staff after hitting his head on the surface while completing a courageous mark.

Mitch Andrews kicked his first for the game and the Tigers third, before the Lions had the final say in what was a complete domination, kicking the final two goals on a dark day for the home side.

The Tigers had few winners (if any) in a game where the Lions had 91 more disposals, 26 more I50m entries, and 20 more scoring shots.

A five-day turnaround awaits the Tigers who will welcome West Perth to the Showgrounds on Saturday.

by Dan Scamozzi

CLAREMONT 0.0 2.3 2.5 3.6 (24)

SUBIACO 5.3 11.6 16.12 18.18 (126)







Round 10 Preview Claremont vs. Subiaco

Thursday, May 29, 2014 - 6:59 PM

Claremont will be out to redeem themselves when they face Subiaco at the Showgrounds on WA Day.

The Tigers were completely outplayed by the Lions to the tune of 80 points at East Fremantle Oval back in round three.

The Tigers will be looking to mount a revival in the second half of 2014 with the club playing eight of their remaining 12 games at the Showgrounds.

The two rivals head into the big clash, having won six of the last ten premierships.

The Tigers will be looking to replicate their round six win over Peel Thunder at the venue, while the Lions will be looking to bounce back from their round nine loss to reigning premiers West Perth.

The Tigers will be seeking a four-quarter performance after a disappointing second term let the side down in its round nine loss to Swans.

Brenden Abbott will add another dimension to the forward line having kicked 4.3 against Swans in only his fourth League game.

However, the team will have to make do without vice-captain Trinity Handley who will miss the match with a broken thumb.

It’s been a frustrating season for Handley, having played only three League games due to injury.

The Lions have injury concerns of their own with Lachlan Delahunty and Wayde Twomey missing WA’s win over a NEAFL representative side last week.

Tiger’s vice-captain Luke Blackwell who copped a heavy cork in the match, will be fit to take his place in the team.

Blackwell has been in scintillating form, averaging 27.5 disposals per game.

Ryan Neates will play his 50th game for the club (46 League & 3 National) while the Lions will regain forward Rhys Waters after he served a two-match suspension.

Bounce down is at 2.05pm.

by Dan Scamozzi

Claremont Football Club Important Home Game Information

Wednesday, May 21, 2014 - 4:45 PM

How to get in by Car:

Car Entry is now via Gate 10 on Ashton Avenue. Parking Attendants will be at the entrance to direct you to the parking areas.

General Parking is $5.00 per car.

Parking will not be available around the oval.

Entry will not be available through any other gate.


Coming by Train:
Trains will be stopping throughout the day directly at the Showgrounds train station.

Feel like walking:

Gate 11, just near the Train Station is open for those who would like to walk in to the game.

Where to get Food & Drinks:
The Ladies Committee is operating from Arena Bar & Café and the Members Bar. Please see them for all your game day favourites!


CLICK HERE for a detailed map of Gate entry and Parking details

Tigers Blow Swans Out Of Water | Round 9 Reserves Match Report

Tuesday, May 20, 2014 - 10:59 AM

Claremont (Reserves) have bounced back to winning ways after a barnstorming seven-goal opening quarter paved the way for a comprehensive 36-point victory over Swans at Steel Blue Oval.

A five-goal-to-three last quarter in favour of the home side restored some respectability on the scoreboard as the Tigers prevailed 17.8 (110) to 10.14 (74).

The Tigers were irresistible in the first term, with the returning Mitch McGovern lighting up the contest with two early goals after some fantastic contested marking.

A precision pass by Henry Roberts to Jayden Brooks gave the big man his first major at the eight minute mark, and with it the Tigers had an early seventeen point lead over a shell-shocked Swans outfit.

A snapped goal to Ben Higgs courtesy of some quick thinking by McGovern saw the Tigers extend their lead before a Keegan Knott goal on the run saw the first five majors go the Tigers way in what was fast becoming a one-sided contest.

Tom Smirk kicked the home sides’ first goal at the seventeen minute mark courtesy of a 50m penalty, however, the joy was short-lived as the Tigers responded through a fast-thinking Shane McAdam.

A second goal to Smirk reduced the margin to 22 points before Brooks’ second goal saw the away side take a well-deserved 28-point lead into quarter time.

Coach Nigel Wilson implored his team to continue with their efforts in the second term, but at the same time tighten up defensively.

The sign of Kiefer Yu limping from the field with a leg injury minutes into the term was cause for brief concern, before he made his way back onto the field moments later.

A Swans’ brain fade in defence handed Higgs his second goal after a 50m penalty and with it the Tigers had a game-high 33-point lead.

A coast-to-coast Swans’ effort saw Brayden Duckworth kick his first for the game, only for Ben Daniher to respond with a great finish on the run.

When McAdam kicked his second goal at the sixteen minute mark the Tigers were out to a 38-point lead, before a goal to Kurt Tanner moments before the half time siren saw the lead trimmed back to 31 points at the main break.

Wilson was delighted with the efficiency heading into the forward line, but noted missed tackles and dropped marks as areas for improvement.

Goals to McGovern (third) and Jordan Aitken saw the Tigers make a dream start to the second half, before McAdam kicked his third in what was becoming a repeat of the first quarter.

When McAdam kicked his fourth goal after being wonderfully set up by Yu, the Tigers were out to a commanding 58-point lead, before Swans replied with a late goal to Tyson Hodge.

Wilson instructed his charges to finish off the game, however, the home side had different ideas, kicking the opening two goals of the final term.

Second goals to Daniher and Knott saw the Tigers regain their big lead, before Troy Rissman hit back for the home side.

A third goal to Higgs gave the Tigers their seventeenth goal of the game, before late majors to Duckworth (second) and Smirk (third) provided little more than consolation in a contest well and truly dominated by the visitors.

Roberts was outstanding for the Tigers while Panizza won the players’ player award for his superb second and third efforts.

McAdam continued his fine season in front of the big sticks with four goals, while McGovern and Higgs each kicked three.

Daniher, Knott and Brooks all kicked two, on a day where the team had several winners across the board.

Josh Tilley was instrumental in the ruck, gathering 24 hit outs, while the Tigers had a remarkable 25 scoring shots from 45 inside 50m entries.

Wilson noted that a fast start was the focus heading into the game.

“We did say to the boys that we needed to get a fast start and play counter-attacking footy because historically it seems that this year most teams who are leading at quarter time end up winning the game,” Wilson said.

“We did that in the first quarter and I thought it was a real highlight of the game.”

Wilson was quick to pay tribute to the returning McGovern.

“Mitch came back into the side and his marking and kicking was sensational,” Wilson said.

“For that to happen it starts up the ground where we structure properly and feed the ball into the right spots to give our forwards the best opportunity to kick goals.

“We took 12 marks inside 50 until half time and in the first quarter we kicked five goals from those marks so it’s really important we maintain that each week and get the fast start happening.”

Wilson also credited Panizza for his efforts.

“His efforts today were sensational,” Wilson said.

“No matter what he approaches in life, he’ll give it 110 per cent.

“He’s starting to use the ball longer, which we’ve asked him to do. He’s got a beautiful left-foot kick.

“His involvements were second-to-none today and because he’s so quick, he’ll get to a lot more contests.

“One of the goals that we kicked came as a result of Ethan putting two blocks on.

“The little one per centers, that’s why he won the award today.

“In the last two to three weeks he’s really given himself a good opportunity to take the next step and play League footy.”

The Tigers have a 16-day break before taking on Subiaco at the Showgrounds on WA Day.

by Dan Scamozzi

CLAREMONT 7.0 10.2 14.7 17.8 (110)

SWAN DISTRICTS 2.3 4.7 5.10 10.14 (74)







Seton A Ray Of Sunshine | Round 9 Colts Match Report

Tuesday, May 20, 2014 - 10:57 AM

It was a morning of missed opportunities when Claremont struggled to score in the match against Swan Districts at Bassendean Oval on Saturday.

Managing a mere five goals from 44 entries inside the attacking 50m zone was a shocking result for effort, but a ray of sunshine emerged from the morass of a heartbreaking 39-point defeat. And that came in the form of 16-year-old Sam Seton, a livewire rover who delighted the sparse crowd with his poise, his balance, his deft skills and uninhibited confidence.

Seton, from Halls Creek and a student at Clontarf College, possesses many of the attributes which help to develop a youngster into a highly-competent senior player. Complementing his natural talent was a willingness to tackle. He finished with a team-high five tackles and did well to gain three clearances from stoppages and he also delivered the ball inside his side’s 50m attacking zone three times.

Another youngster to catch the eye was towering 16-year-old schoolboy Jeremy Goddard in his debut for the Tigers. The 203cm Goddard was the dominant ruckman in the match and it was largely due to his spirited performance that enabled Claremont to gain 31 clearances from stoppages, two more than the Swans total.

The Tigers also led the inside 50 count, 44-34, they took more marks (72 to 67) and had more kicks (196 to 189). But Swans were better organised and played a superior brand of football, which enabled them to defeat the Tigers, 12.7 to 5.10.

Swan Districts are the trendsetters in the competition and are unbeaten after eight matches. They have 32 points and lead from South Fremantle (28) and Subiaco (20). Claremont have 16 points and are clinging to fourth spot ahead of East Perth and East Fremantle by virtue of a superior percentage (141.45) to East Perth’s 86.55 and East Fremantle’s 71.65.

Goals were a precious commodity in the first term, with the first major coming after ten minutes of play off the boot of talented Swan Districts full-forward Nelson Ansey. It took the Tigers 23 minutes to open their account, with captain Harry Wilkinson soccering the ball off the ground at right half-forward and Alex Manual taking the mark. But only a point resulted.

However, a minute later centre-half-forward Adam Volaric combined with forward pocket specialist Russell Wynne and wingman Jack Prendiville to get the ball to Nic Reid for a goal which left the Tigers only seven points behind at the first break.

 But it took Claremont 17 minutes to score their first goal of the second quarter. It came after Seton took a mark at centre-half-back and combined with Matthew Cairns and Wynne to get the ball to Scott Trickey. Trickey’s shot fell short and one of the umpires called for a bounce down to relieve congestion close to goal Jack Watson gained the knock for Swans, but the wily Wynne pounced and snapped truly.

A minute later the hard-working Sam Humphry passed accurately to Trickey, who took the mark and then was awarded a 50m penalty. Another goal was the result and Claremont went into the half-time break only three points in arrears.

Seton began the third quarter in spectacular style as he had three kicks in the opening two minutes of the second half. But his efforts to lift the side were not rewarded with scoring shots.

Then the Tigers went to sleep and Swans set up their victory by scoring 5.3 for the quarter and keeping the Tigers down to just two behinds, each of them forced.

Early in the final term the busy Wynne passed to half-back flanker Harry McCracken, who sent the ball forward where Goddard soared to take a wonderful contested mark. Goddard met with interference in the marking duel and a Swans player was reported and Goddard made the most of a 50m penalty to score his side’s fourth major.

Humphry won the centre clearance and delivered to Josh Barty (switched from defence to attack) handballed to Alex Manuel, but only a point resulted. Soon after that a wonderful low, spearing pass from Seton was marked by Jacob Delaporte. Again, only a point resulted.

Swans booted the next three goals before Claremont got a consolation goal in the final minute of play. Trickey initiated an attack from the left wing and Volaric and Barty got the ball to Manuel for Claremont’s fifth goal on a disappointing morning.    

by Ken Casellas  


Swan Districts 12.7 (79) beat Claremont 5.10 (40)

Scorers---SWAN DISTRICTS: N. Ansey 4.3; R. Mostert 3.2; C. Daniels, A. Dean, M. MacKenzie, J. Shaw, T. Yarra 1.0; L. Murray 0.1; 1pt forced. CLAREMONT: A. Manuel 1.3; N. Reid 1.1; J. Goddard, S. Trickey, R. Wynne 1.0; J. Delaporte 0.2; 4pts forced.

Best---SWAN DISTRICTS: J. Turner, A. Dean, N. Ansey, E. Maguire, J. Kelley, R. Mostert, T. Yarran, J. Watson. CLAREMONT: J. Prendiville, S. Seton, H. Wilkinson, R. Wynne, S. Humphry, H. McCracken, J. Delaporte, A. Manuel, A. Volaric.

Abbott Boosts Attack | Round 9 League Match Report

Tuesday, May 20, 2014 - 10:53 AM

A calculated gamble to promote burly teenager Brenden Abbott, a tough, uncompromising straight-ahead defender, to the league side and use him in attack to infuse some much-needed oomph into Claremont’s forward line paid handsome dividends in the match against Swan Districts at Bassendean Oval on Saturday.

The 19-year-old Abbott, from the Royals club in Albany in Claremont’s Great Southern zone, made a seamless transition from defence to attack and his four-goal haul was a feature of Claremont’s improved showing against the league leaders.

It was a most heartening performance and there were some welcome positive signs for the rest of the season.

The Claremont side lifted its rating and gave Swans some anxious moments before they went on to record a hard-fought 26-point victory, the club’s seventh win in a row. For the Tigers it was their sixth loss from eight games this year and left them in eighth position in the premiership table with a miserable percentage of 58.58.

This encouraging display could well prove to be a turning point in the 2014 season. Indeed, the players and all associated at Claremont are looking forward to playing the next three fixtures at our new temporary home at the Showgrounds. After seven away matches from Claremont’s first eight matches it will indeed be most enjoyable to play eight of our final 12 matches at the Showgrounds.

Abbott, who played in Claremont’s colts side in 2012 and 2013, made his league debut in the round two fixture against West Perth at Joondalup on March 29 this year where he was solid in a back pocket. He then played in the next two rounds, against Subiaco at East Fremantle Oval (playing in defence in the first half and then being used on the ball after half-time) and against the Sharks at East Fremantle Oval (on a half-back flank in the first half and having a turn on the ball and on a half-forward flank).

Then in his fourth league appearance he lined up at full-forward against Swans on Saturday against the vastly-experienced 30-year-old Tallan Ames, a seasoned campaigner making his 202nd league appearance.

Abbott was far from overwhelmed by the occasion and he was in the thick of the action from the outset, receiving a handpass from Andrew Foster and using his trusty left boot to slam home the first goal of the match from long range with just 90 seconds on the clock.

Two minutes later he scored a behind and after eight minutes of play Swans opened their account with a major from Tim Geappen to level the scores. Four minutes later winger Tom Taylor got the ball to Foster, whose kick to the goalsquare found Abbott, who snapped truly to give the Tigers the lead again.

Ryan Davis collected a Claremont kick-in after a Geappen point and the Davis goal gave Swans a one-point advantage. The Tigers got back in front at the 20-minute mark after Jack Bradshaw took a mark at half-back and passed accurately to Foster, whose kick was marked by Matt Orzel for Claremont’s third goal.

Sam Fong gained the clearance at the centre bounce and he passed to Trinity Handley, whose kick was marked by Abbott. But Abbott’s kick was just off line and another behind was added late in the term, off the boot of Anton Hamp. This gave the Tigers a six-point lead at quarter-time, a commendable effort considering that Swans led the inside 50 count 14-10.

This was only the second time in eight matches this season that Swans had trailed at the first break. Claremont had the use of a slight breeze in the second quarter, but an inexplicable lapse saw the side manage only two behinds --- from Bradshaw (at the 23-minute mark) and Jake Murphy (a minute later). Swans put on 4.4 to lead by 20 points at half-time.

Abbott scored two more goals in the third quarter and Swans turned for home with a 23-point advantage. It was Claremont first into stride in the third term with Luke Blackwell handpassing to Bradshaw, whose kick was marked low to the ground by a diving Mark Seaby.

Seaby’s goal was answered after two minutes by a snap by Matthew Rogers from the right pocket. Then 18-year-old Steven Edwards, playing in a forward pocket, produced an excellent short pass to Abbott, who marked and booted his third goal.

Swans strengthened their grip on the game by scoring the next two goals, each after receiving a free-kick, the first to Matt Riggio and the next to Jesse Manton. At the 27-minute mark half-forward flanker Foster (who was doing an excellent job on Graham Jetta) fired a short pass to Abbott for his fourth.

Swans went into the final quarter with a 23-point lead, but hopes of a Claremont upset were dashed when Swans outscored the Tigers 2.4 to a solitary behind in the first 21 minutes of the quarter.

But no Claremont player gave up the fight and it was wonderful to watch Abbott 19 minutes into the quarter chase hard to tackle Ames and then follow up immediately with a chase and tackle on Swans rover Aaron Elari.

Finally, the Tigers got a goal at the 22-minute mark when Tom Ledger drove the ball forward to provide the opportunity for Anton Hamp to kick accurately on the run. Then, 90 seconds before the final siren, Orzel burst from a stoppage to snap Claremont’s eighth and final goal.

Claremont did well on a fine, sunny afternoon to restrict Swans to 11 goals and credit is due to the defenders, including 21-year-old debutant Lachie Davey. Matt Davies, switched from attack to a half-back flank, did a sound job in keeping Rogers comparatively quiet, while Corey Yeo on the other flank kept a tight rein on Davis.

The indefatigable Blackwell again set the standard for Claremont, finishing with five marks, 14 kicks and ten effective handpasses, as well as a match-high seven clearances from stoppages and four inside 50s.

Claremont have turned the corner and hopes are high that the side’s fortunes will change dramatically when the Tigers clash with Subiaco at the Showgrounds on Monday June 2. The result of Saturday’s match could have been different, or at least the margin could have been much smaller had it not been for an unfortunate injury to centre-half-forward Handley.

Handley fractured a thumb in the second quarter and was unable to take the field in the second half. Not only did that cost the Tigers dearly by losing their most experienced player and their pivotal forward, but it left the side restricted to three interchange players.  

by Ken Casellas


Swan Districts 11.17 (83) beat Claremont 8.9 (57)

Scorers---SWAN DISTRICTS: R. Cary 3.2; M. Jukes 2.1; T. Geappen, K. Ugle 1.2; M. Rogers 1.1; R. Davis, J. Manton, M. Riggio 1.0; T. Notte 0.3; J. Blight, A. Elari 0.1; 4ptrs forced. CLAREMONT: B. Abbott 4.3; M. Orzel 2.0; A. Hamp 1.1; M. Seaby 1.0; J. Murphy 0.2; J. Bradshaw, S. Fong 0.1; 1pt forced.

Best---SWAN DISTRICTS: J. Simpson, T. Notte, K. Ugle, J. Burnham, A. Elari, T. Geappen, R. Cary, M. Riggio, T. Casserly. CLAREMONT: L. Blackwell, B. Abbott, A. Foster, S. Edwards, M. Orzel, T. Ledger, S. Fong, J. Murphy, T. Taylor.