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A Costly Fadeout

Friday, September 13, 2013 - 11:24 AM

Claremont produced 25 minutes of wonderful champagne football in the second quarter before fizzling out to a disappointing 23-point defeat at the hands of a vibrant South Fremantle in the second semi-final at Claremont Oval on Sunday.

The Tigers were a free-flowing dominant force in the second term during which they piled on six goals and held the Bulldogs a solitary major. But the home side struggled in the second half and surrendered a 24-point half-time advantage, with the Bulldogs scoring nine goals to Claremont’s two in the second half.

Claremont now face Subiaco in the preliminary final at Claremont Oval next Sunday morning.

One bright feature for the Tigers was the successful return to action of midfielder Harrison McCracken after he had missed the three previous matches, suffering from a damaged collarbone.

Harry Taylor also performed strongly in a back pocket where he had the onerous task of guarding the skilful Willie Rioli, and, as usual, Jared Hardisty, Alec Waterman, Jordan Law and Ryan Lim were driving forces in the midfield.

Waterman, playing on the right wing, was outstanding in the opening quarter when he set the standard for excellence with a tremendous nine-kick effort. Hardisty, hard as nails, toiled manfully at the coalface throughout and finished with 13 kicks, 11 effective handpasses, three tackles, seven clearances at stoppages and five inside 50s.

The Bulldogs took an early lead when captain and full-forward Ben Sokol took a mark and booted a goal with the contest only 103 seconds old. It took another 12 minutes for the next goal, which gave the Tigers a one-point lead. Captain Tom Barrass started the attacking move from deep in defence and the ball was transferred downfield by Waterman, Harry Court, Law, Hardisty and Darcy Cameron. The move ended with McCracken marking Cameron’s kick and kicking truly.

South replied with another major to Sokol, but it took just over a minute for the Tigers to hit back with a goal to Francis Watson after he had marked a pass from Jack Carruthers, following good passage of play involving Law, Eddie Simpson and Jyrin Woods. Along shot from Rioli sailed through the big sticks to give the Bulldogs a four-point lead at the first change.

It was all the Tigers in the second term. After a great tackle by Watson, Woods dashed forward and passed to Steven Edwards, who handpassed to an unguarded Sam Bevan in the goalsquare for the first of Claremont’s six goals for the quarter.  Then two minutes later at the four-minute mark Hardisty handpassed to Lim, who surged forward and after taking two bounces, kicked a goal.

Woods was busy and he drove the ball forward for the next goal, this time off the boot of Joel Fiegert. But a cohesive move involving McCracken, Mason Whitehead, Rowen Powell, Jack Beeck and Hardisty failed to produce a result on the scoreboard. McCracken, Simpson and Hardisty each produced a strong tackle to thwart the Bulldogs before Traye Bennell scored their only goal for the quarter.

Soon after that South’s Joel McComb took a shot at goal, but he was foiled by a great smother off the boot from Taylor. Approaching the 15-minute mark Powell, Hardisty, McCracken and Bevan worked hard to get the ball forward where the hard-running Hardisty gained possession and booted a goal.

Five minutes later a move involving Waterman, McCracken and Watson ended with McCracken handpassing to Cameron in the goalsquare for the side’s next major. Then a Hardisty clearance at a stoppage at left half-forward resulted in a goal to Court moments before the half-time siren which saw the Tigers in good shape with a three-goal advantage.

The Bulldogs outscored the Tigers 4.6 to 2.2 in the third term to set the stage for what most Claremont fans were hoping for --- an exciting final quarter.

South Fremantle scored three goals in the space of four minutes early in the third quarter before Claremont steadied. Bevan scored a point from a free-kick and then Powell marked the kick-in and passed to McCracken, who booted his second with an excellent shot from deep in the right pocket.

The Bulldogs drew to within two points of the Tigers before Barrass delivered a clever short pass to Lim, who got the ball on to Law for a much-needed goal in the dying moments of the quarter.

Claremont started the final quarter eight points in front, but lacked sparkle as they fizzled out. Goals to Braden Fimmano and Callum Ah Chee in the opening three and a half minutes gave the visitors the lead. Tiger turnovers hurt the side and South Fremantle consolidated with the final three goals of the match. A great chase and tackle applied by Taylor on South’s Bennell late in the match warmed the hearts of the Claremont fans. But the bird had flown and the Tigers were left to reflect on a poor second half.

By Ken Casellas



South Fremantle 13.13 (91) beat Claremont 10.8 (68).

Scorers---SOUTH FREMANTLE: B. Sokol 5.0; B. Matera 2.2; T. Bennell, W. Rioli 2.1; C. Ah Chee, B. Fimmano 1.0; M. Ah Siu, D. Main 0.2; J. Garlett, J. McComb, M. Nicholson, T. Stewart 0.1; 1pt forced. CLAREMONT: H. McCracken 2.0; S. Bevan 1.3; D. Cameron, F. Watson 1.1; H. Court, J. Fiegert, J. Hardisty, J. Law, R. Lim 1.0; S. Edwards 0.2; 1pt forced.

Best---SOUTH FREMANTLE: B. Sokol, B. Matera, J. Garlett, T. Vandeleur, D. Main, C. Ah Chee, B. Fimmano, W. Frampton, B. McPhail. CLAREMONT: J. Hardisty, A. Waterman, H. McCracken, H. Taylor, J. Law, R. Lim.

Falcons End 71 -Year Drought

Thursday, September 12, 2013 - 5:23 PM

Perhaps it appeared all too easy. Claremont went into Sunday’s second semi-final at Claremont Oval as red-hot favourites against West Perth.

The Tigers had won 27 of their previous 31 matches. They had beaten the Falcons at their previous five encounters --- by margins of 85, 45, 119, 19 and 21 points, an average winning margin of 57 points.

West Perth were distinct underdogs who had finished the qualifying rounds with barely a whimper, losing their final two matches by 73 points to East Fremantle and 18 points to Swan Districts.

And Claremont had not lost to West Perth in a final-round contest for 71 years. Since West Perth had triumphed over Claremont by 51 points in the 1942 grand final the Tigers had met the Cardinals in five final-round matches for victories by margins of 38, 30, 11, 86 and 85 points.

Some over-confident Claremont supporters arrived for the game in self-congratulatory mode. This was going to be a piece of cake. Maybe, just maybe, there was a fragment of complacency in the Tigers ranks. Perhaps, subconsciously, there was a feeling of looking too far ahead.

Well, the truth of the matter emerged that facts, figures and statistics are meaningless. History means nothing. It all boils down to the mental state of the participants on the day.

The West Perth players arrived on a mission. They were miffed that considerable publicity sent a clear message that this contest was merely a stepping stone for the Tigers to charge straight into the grand final. They were out to prove a point.

In contrast, there was not quite the same urgency in the Claremont ranks. Perhaps not every single player was fully switched on. Yes, they all wanted to win. But was there total 100 per cent commitment?

West Perth set the example in a see-sawing match in which the scores were level four times and the lead changed hands 12 times. The Tigers surrendered a handy three-goal lead at half-time and West Perth emerged deserving victors by four points, scoring a wasteful 11.21 to Claremont’s 12.11.

Now the Tigers face their moment of truth in 2013 when they go into battle in the preliminary final at Claremont Oval next Sunday against the rampaging East Perth side which flexed its not inconsiderable muscle in a 28-point demolition of Swan Districts in the first semi-final at Bassendean Oval.

The Tigers trained in the cold, wind and rain on Wednesday night with great zest and all players are fully focused on the task at hand.  

It was the same old story for much of Sunday’s game at Claremont Oval, with the West Perth players running harder and getting more numbers to contests. And Claremont made far more errors and turned the ball over more times than the opposition.

It took 16 minutes for the first major. This came when Marc Crisp seized an errant Claremont handpass close to goal. Eventually, after 24 minutes did the Tigers break through for their first goal after an inspirational effort from full-forward Chad Jones.

West Perth captain Jason Salecic had taken a mark in the centre of the ground and was taking a long time to deliver the ball. Finally, the umpire blew his whistle and called play-on. It was then that Jones raced forward and tackled Salecic before he could kick the ball. Jones was awarded a free-kick . Mark Seaby took the advantage free-kick and handpassed to Ian Richardson, who dashed forward and kicked the first of his three goals.

Jake Murphy won the clearance at the resultant centre bounce and initiated an attack which ended in a goal to half-forward flanker Matt Davies. Soon after that Luke Blackwell passed to Andrew Foster, whose kick was marked at centre-half-forward by winger Nick Winmar.

Winmar then was flattened by West Perth’s Josh Mellington. Mellington was reported for charging Winmar. But the Falcons repelled this attack. Then in the final minute of the term full-back James Thomson passed the ball accurately to Winmar, who surged forward and took two bounces before Jones fought hard to gain possession.

Jones then sent a short, wobbly pass to Winmar 35m out on the left flank. The siren sounded and Winmar’s goal gave the home side a nine-point lead at the first change.

A handpass from Jones to Paul Medhurst 50 seconds into the second term resulted in a behind and two minutes later a splendid tackle by Thomson got the Tigers moving forward again, with Medhurst taking a mark and handpassing top Jack Bradshaw in the goalsquare for Claremont’s fourth major and a lead of 16 points.

However, West Perth took charge and added three goals in the space of four minutes which turned the satisfied smiles on the faces of the Claremont faithful into deep furrows of concern.

Winger Sam Fong replied with a behind and from the West Perth kick-in Ryan Neates earned a free-kick at left half-forward. The goal from Neates temporarily halted the Falcons goalrush. But five minutes later Mark Hutchings booted his second goal for the quarter. Another seven minutes passed before Bradshaw flew high over Rohan Kerr to pull down an excellent mark on the right wing.

Bradshaw passed to Richardson, whose kick was marked a few metres out by Seaby, whose goal enabled the Tigers to regain the lead. A Trinity Handley handpass to Jones enabled Jones to force the ball forward for a bounce-down. Seaby rose high to gain the tap to Handley, who kicked truly.

The Tigers were firing and a fierce attack on the ball by Fong enabled him to fire out a handpass to Jones, whose deft left-foot short pass was marked by a diving Richardson. Richardson’s goal gave the Tigers a three-goal buffer at half-time.

The Falcons were far from dismayed and goals to Mellington and Matt Guadagnin in the first five minutes of the third quarter came as a powerful warning that they meant business. The Tigers hit back when Foster handpassed to Bradshaw, who passed to Anton Hamp, who delivered to Murphy. The ball went out of bounds in the left pocket where Fong handballed to Jesse Laurie.

Laurie’s kick was marked by Bradshaw in the left pocket and he quickly passed the ball back towards half-forward to Davies, who kicked his second goal.

West Perth were attacking relentlessly and there were Claremont turnovers galore. Finally, late in the quarter Winmar dashed forward, took three bounces to set up an attacking move which ended with Davies handballing to Jones, who handpassed to Richardson for his third goal.      

The three-quarter time margin was a point in favour of Claremont. West Perth were back in the lead after seven minutes when a free-kick in the centre of the ground led to a mark and goal to the dangerous Crisp. Hamp brought up his third behind before he booted a marvellous goal from the boundary to put his side one point in front.

The Claremont players were throwing everything at the opposition and a tremendous tackle by defender Blake Anderson halted Guadagnin in his tracks as he was running into an open goal. Anderson was awarded a free-kick and he delivered to Foster, who was flattened by Steven Browne 65m out from goal. No score resulted from Foster’s kick. Handley also came under notice for his fierce tackle on Mellington, which halted an opposition attacking move.

West Perth frittered away several opportunities and added five behinds before Jordan Jones took a mark in the left pocket and kicked a goal which put the Cardinals ten points in front. Claremont refused to surrender and Laurie earned applause for his great smother off the boot of West Perth’s Matthew Fowler as he took a shot at goal at right half-forward.

The energetic Bradshaw was still running hard and he gained possession at half-back before passing to Anderson, whose handpass found David Crawford in a move which resulted in Richardson booting to the goalsquare where Foster took the mark and kicked his side’s 12th goal.

But the siren sounded 87 seconds later with Thomson in possession at left half-back. West Perth thoroughly deserved their victory and a spot in the grand final.

By Ken Casellas



West Perth 11.21 (87) beat Claremont 12.11 (83).

Scorers---WEST PERTH: M. Crisp 4.2; J. Mellington 2.1; M. Hutchings 2.0; M. Guadagnin 1.4; M. Fowler 1.3; J. Jones 1.0; J. Salecic 0.2; R. Bartholomew, R. Kerr, C. Keunen, S. Nelson, J. van Berlo 0.1; 4pts forced. CLAREMONT: I. Richardson 3.2; M. Davies 2.1; A. Hamp 1.3; J. Bradshaw, A. Foster, T. Handley, R. Neates, M. Seaby, N. Winmar 1.0; P. Medhurst 0.2; S. Fong 01; 2pts forced.

Best---WEST PERTH: J. van Berlo, M. Hutchings, M. Crisp, M. Guadagnin, S. Browne, S. Nelson, A. Black, R. Kerr. CLAREMONT: J. Bradshaw, M. Davies, S. Fong, J. Thomson, I. Richardson, L. Blackwell, J. Murphy, T. Handley.

WAFL Semi Final Results

Monday, September 9, 2013 - 2:17 PM

WEST Perth has broken its finals drought beating Claremont on Sunday to advance to the 2013 WAFL grand final with the Tigers to now face East Perth in next week's preliminary final for the right to face the Falcons.

The Falcons went into Sunday's second semi-final the warm underdogs against a Claremont team playing at home and coming off winning its last three second semis at Claremont Oval, finishing as minor premiers the last four years and winning the last two WAFL flags.

Claremont was then also in front at every change but West Perth had been on top in all areas aside from kicking on goal, and while that didn’t improve in the last quarter, the Falcons' persistence paid off as they secured the 11.21 (87) to 12.11 (83) victory.

That now sees West Perth win straight through to the 2013 grand final with the Falcons winning their first final of any sort since the 2003 grand final when they beat Subiaco to win the premiership. West Perth had lost all six finals played in the last nine years since that triumph.

West Perth will now sit back with the week off watching next Sunday's preliminary final at Claremont Oval between Claremont and East Perth.

Mark Hutchings was outstanding for the Falcons with 32 possessions and two goals in what proved to be an intriguing battle with Claremont's 175-game dual premiership veteran Trinity Handley.

Matt Guadagnin might not have kicked straight for West Perth but was still terrific with 28 disposals while Jay van Berlo gathered 23 touches, Shane Nelson 21, Aaron Black 19 and Rohan Kerr 18.

Marc Crisp was the most effective forward on the ground finishing with four goals from 21 possessions while Josh Mellington also kicked two goals for the Falcons.

Dan Hunt had a 150th game to remember for West Perth not only playing in his first winning final but also doing a strong stopping job on Claremont full forward Chad Jones.

Matthew Davies and Ian Richardson kicked two goals each for Claremont with Luke Blackwell picking up 27 possessions, Jack Bradshaw 26, Jake Murphy 21 and Ryan Neates 20.

Claremont defenders Tom Taylor, James Thomson and Blake Anderson were amongst their team's best players.

South Fremantle's colts are also through to the grand final after a come from behind 23-point win over Claremont in the second semi-final at Claremont Oval while the Tigers will take on Subiaco in next Sunday's preliminary final after the Lions beat Perth by 52 points in the first semi-final.

Remarkably the results meant that in all six semi-finals across the three grades on Sunday, all six lower-ranked sides won their matches.


Swan Districts 15.4 (94) lost to East Perth 18.14 (122)

East Perth 10.3 (63) lost to West Perth 11.6 (72)

Perth 5.12 (42) lost to Subiaco 14.10 (94)


Claremont 12.11 (83) lost to West Perth 11.21 (87)

Perth 11.12 (78) lost to South Fremantle 12.11 (83)

Claremont 10.8 (68) lost to South Fremantle 13.13 (91)

A Cameron Fairytale

Wednesday, September 4, 2013 - 3:07 PM

Two years ago he was a lumbering log struggling to get a kick in the North Albany reserves side. And now in a remarkable transformation Luke Cameron is an elite performer in the Great Southern League.

He has capped a wonderful 2013 season by winning the prestigious Kleeman Medal as the fairest-and-best footballer in the competition and will be a key player when North Albany clash with Railways in the grand final in Albany this coming weekend.

The 22-year-old Cameron, a high-leaping ruckman who occasionally has a stint at centre-half-forward, said after winning the Kleeman Medal from Denmark-Walpole’s Dave MacDonald that he would like to try himself at a higher level.

He is considering a move to Perth to take part in Claremont’s pre-season training program. “I haven’t made up my mind yet,” he said. “I have a good job as an insurance broker (working with his father Gerard’s company) and I love the lifestyle in Albany.”

Cameron is the elder brother of Claremont colts ruckman and WA under-18 representative Darcy, who will be an important member of the Tigers side which will meet South Fremantle in the colts second semi-final at Claremont Oval on Sunday.

He admitted that he was battling to get a kick in the reserves team when he was vastly overweight a couple of years ago. He then decided to apply himself in a bid to become a better player. He went on to a strict diet, reduced his consumption of alcohol and trained hard.

“I lost almost 40 kilograms,” he declared proudly. He stands about 191cm and has reduced his weight from 129kg to a sleek 91kg. He deserves considerable admiration for his discipline.

His father Gerard, now 53, played for the Claremont colts side in 1980 before returning to Albany to play for North Albany and he won the Kleeman Medal in 1984. He was then recruited by South Fremantle as a ruckman and made six appearances in the league side in 1985 when his teammates included Stephen Michael, Jon Dorotich, Craig Edwards, Mark Bairstow, Benny Vigona, Nicky Winmar, Noel Carter, Brad Collard, Wally Matera and Paul Vasoli.

Cameron then returned to Albany where he again won the Kleeman Medal in 1988. Luke’s triumph this year gave the family the distinction of providing the only father-and-son winners in the 55-year history of the medal, which was won by former Claremont and North Melbourne stars Jim and Phil Krakouer in 1975 and 1977, respectively. The Krakouers remain the only brothers to have won the medal.

Both Luke and Darcy Cameron took time out last summer from their pre-season football training to compete in the annual Cottesloe-to-Rottnest swim in a four man team with their father and a cousin.

By Ken Casellas

Claremont vs. West Perth 2nd Semi Final Coverage

Wednesday, September 4, 2013 - 11:42 AM

The 990 Information Radio commentary team travel to Claremont Final on Sunday for the 2nd Semi Final clash between the Tigers and the Falcons.

The coverage commences at 2.00pm with bounce down to the game at 2.15pm.


990 Information Radio WAFL “Match of the Day"

Sunday 8th September: 2nd Semi Final

Claremont v West Perth @ Claremont Oval

Coverage 2.00pm- 5.00pm

Bouncedown @ 2.15pm

WAFL Round 24 Results

Monday, September 2, 2013 - 12:38 PM

EAST Fremantle did what it needed to keep its finals door open on Saturday beating Claremont but Swan Districts and East Perth slammed it shut by winning themselves in the final round of the 2013 WAFL home and away season.

Five teams were still alive to play finals heading into Round 24 action but the equation was simple for Swan Districts and East Perth – win their games and they are in while a loss could mean they make way for East Fremantle if the Sharks were able to beat the Tigers.

East Fremantle did just that beating Claremont 13.9 (87) to 11.11 (77) at East Fremantle Oval but it counted for nothing in the end with Swan Districts downing West Perth 10.13 (73) to 7.13 (55) at Bassendean's Steel Blue Oval and East Perth overcoming Subiaco 11.16 (82) to 8.15 (63) at Leederville's Medibank Stadium.

The only game in the final round that had no finals implications took place at Lathlain's Brownes Stadium and Perth finished over the top of South Fremantle to win 17.13 (115) to 13.13 (91).

The results mean that Claremont, West Perth, Swan Districts and East Perth make up the WAFL's top-four for 2013 with the Tigers and Falcons to meet on Sunday in the second semi-final with a grand final berth up for grabs, and Swans host the Royals at Steel Blue Oval with the winner to make the preliminary final and the loser eliminated.

Outside of the top-four for 2013 were East Fremantle, Perth, South Fremantle, Subiaco and Peel Thunder.

Claremont started in dominant fashion with the first three goals of the game against East Fremantle, but the Sharks finished the first half with the last five goals to head into half-time with a three-point advantage.

It was a tight second half right the way through, but with the Tigers already looking forward to the second semi-final and the Sharks desperate to win to keep any hopes for finals alive, East Fremantle was the only team with something to play for and came away with the 10-point win.

James Depane, Brad Sheppard, Rob Young and Jack Perham all kicked two goals apiece for East Fremantle while Andrew Stephen was outstanding in defence with 17 possessions and six marks.

Captain Mark McGough racked up 35 possessions, Rory O'Brien 28, Richard Hadley 24, Aidan Tropiano 24, Scott Hancock 21 and Brad Cooper 20 while having a fascinating battle with Ian Richardson.

Richardson still kicked three goals for Claremont with Jack Bradshaw and Chad Jones adding two apiece.

Jake Murphy racked up another 29 possessions, Ryan Neates 25, Luke Blackwell 24, Andrew Foster 21 and Mark Seaby 18 to go with eight marks and 24 hit outs.



East Fremantle 13.9.87 def Claremont 11.11.77

East Fremantle 9.5.59 def by Claremont 10.12.72

East Fremantle 7.12.54 def by Claremont 9.7.61


CLICK HERE for more WAFL Round 24 Results.

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Injuries Take Their Toll

Wednesday, August 28, 2013 - 3:56 PM

A great smother off the boot of a Perth opponent by towering Claremont ruckman Josh Tilley and then an extremely clever tap on by Tilley to enable Nick Shaw to kick Claremont’s first goal after 29 barren minutes was one of the few Tiger highlights of the match at Lathlain Park on Saturday.

In a generally lack-lustre performance, the Tigers were mauled by Perth, who stormed to a runaway 77-point victory to remain on top of the reserves premiership table. Claremont, with eight wins, a draw and ten defeats, are in seventh position and will not qualify for the finals.

It was a most disappointing effort by the Tigers, who managed just one goal in the first half before scoring two in the third quarter and four in the final term.

Several injuries to members of the club’s senior squad throughout the season certainly affected the balance and the strength of Claremont’s reserves side which included five colts players (Tom Barrass, Steven Edwards, Jack Beeck, Luke Rosher and Francis Watson) in Saturday’s team.

Three goals in the space of four minutes in the opening quarter by full-forward Mark Deaves got the home side away to a flying start. Deaves scored another goal late in the term and Perth led by 25 points at quarter time after a quarter in which Claremont penetrated their 50m attacking zone only twice for a forced behind and a behind to Nick Gajewski.

Tilley’s splendid effort which enabled Shaw to kick a goal was really the only bright spot in the second quarter, during which time Beeck impressed with his strong play on a half-back flank and fellow defender Rosher also came under notice by giving his opponent very little latitude. Midfielders Jack Richardson, Brendon Lim, Liam Smith, Coleman Cristinelli and Tom Curtin were battling hard.

Finally, Claremont’s second goal came 13 minutes into the third quarter when Keegan Knott seized the ball after a Perth error in defence and handpassed to Gajewski, who snapped accurately across his body.       

The Demons were leading 15.4 to 2.7 until the Tigers scored their third goal 90 seconds before three-quarter time. Lim started a forward move from the centre and Richardson passed to Watson, who took the mark and got the ball to Knott, who snapped from the right pocket. The shot was astray, but Edwards took a flying mark before booting a goal.

Beeck scored Claremont’s next goal early in the final quarter after a forward thrust initiated by Richardson, but Perth replied with a couple of goals to lead, 18.4 to 4.7. Then to Claremont’s credit they scored three of the final five goals of the contest to save further embarrassment.

The fifth goal came from point blank range after Gajewski had received a free-kick and a 50m penalty and then the tigerish Sam Lamont scored the final two goals, the first after a cohesive movement down the ground which started with Barrass taking a strong mark in the last line of defence. His second goal was a snap after some good work from Smith, Ethan Panizza and Cristinelli. 

It was not a morning to remember.

By Ken Casellas



Perth 20.7 (127) beat Claremont 7.8 (50).

Scorers---PERTH: M. Deaves 6.1; S. Donovan 4.1; A. Dow 2.0; T. Chrimes 1.1; H. Busher, K. Egan, D. Johnston, H. Morgan, C. Sandilands, J. Sketcher, J. Stark 1.0; R. Gray 0.1; 3pts forced. CLAREMONT: S. Lamont 2.2; N. Gajewski 2.1; J. Beeck, S. Edwards, N. Shaw 1.0; T. Bowering 0.2; C. Cristinelli, L. Davey 0.1; 1pt forced.

Best---PERTH: J. Sketcher, M. Deaves, K. Hug, T. Chrimes, D. Arangio, H. Busher, K. Stuart, M. Mather, J. Stark. CLAREMONT: J. Richardson, B. Lim, J. Beeck, J. Tilley, L. Smith, C. Cristinelli.

Claremont Claim Inaugural Pyke Cup

Wednesday, August 28, 2013 - 1:52 PM

Perth and Claremont helped raise awareness of Prostate cancer when they met at Brownes Stadium for Round 23, with the winning team set claim the inaugural Pyke Cup, a Cup named after Father and Son duo Frank & Don Pyke.

Claremont won the tightly contested match to claim the inaugural Pyke Cup.

Perth Football Club supporter and former television personality Jeff Newman, who was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer, tossed the coin before the match and was joined joined by his brother Peter and Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA) State Manager Cate Harman.

PCFA representatives collected donations and handed out information on the day and the Newmans will shared their stories at the pre-game lunch in relation to the disease.

All players wore blue armbands to acknowledge the cause.

Frank Pyke

Frank played 130 games for Perth after making his senior debut for the club in round one of the 1959 season at the age of 17. Playing originally as a half-forward flanker, and later as an onballer, Pyke became a regular in the Perth side and finished third in the Sandover Medal in 1962 and second in 1963. He played in the club's 1966 premiership win over Subiaco.

Don Pyke

Don was recruited by Claremont for the 1987 season and played in the club's premiership win over Subiaco. He won the club’s best and fairest the following year and was recruited by the West Coast Eagles in the 1988 Draft. Making his debut in round one of the 1989 season, Pyke went on to play in both the 1992 and1994 West Coast premiership sides. A shoulder injury forced his premature retirement from playing AFL in 1996, although he returned to play in Claremont's 1996 premiership side.

About PCF

Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA) is the peak national body for prostate cancer in Australia. It plays a vital role in the fight against this dreadful disease and is dedicated to reducing the impact of prostate cancer on Australian men, their partners, families and the wider community.

PCFA achieves this by

Promoting and funding world leading, innovative, cutting edge research into prostate cancer.

Support men and their families affected by prostate cancer, through information and resources, support groups and Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurses.

For more information about prostate cancer go to or call PCFA WA Office on 9381 7444

House Defends Grandly

Tuesday, August 27, 2013 - 2:39 PM

A reorganised Claremont defence (with regular full-back Luke Rosher and in-form half-back flanker Jack Beeck promoted for the first time to the reserves side and talented centre-half-back Rowen Powell out with a damaged shoulder) came under extreme pressure and had to withstand a concerted Perth attack early in the match at Lathlain Park on Saturday.

It was a severe test that the revamped defence came through with flying colours and the outstanding work of the backmen, led by Timm House, set the standard for the morning and paved the way for a splendid 16-point victory over a side which had won at each of its past 11 matches.

The Demons attacked relentlessly for the first eight minutes of the match, and quite remarkably, did not manage a score, due to the great defensive work of House, Mason Whitehead, Harry Taylor, Bailey Rogers, Harry Court, Joel Ebert, ruckman Darcy Cameron and others.

House was a tower of strength, cool and calculating as he took three marks and had six kicks in the opening term. He also impressed with his composure as he delivered the ball to advantage.

This set the stage for a wonderful contest between two of the best sides in the competition. To Claremont’s credit, they prevailed over an older and more experienced line-up which comprised three 19-year-olds, 14 18-year-olds and six 17-year-olds. The Claremont side was made up of one 19-year-old, nine 18-year-olds, nine 17-year-olds, three 16-year-olds and one 15-year-old.

After surviving the early Perth onslaught Claremont penetrated their 50m attacking zone for the first time after nine minutes and scored a goal after full-forward Eddie Simpson had marked a pass from Jack Carruthers. This attacking move was set up by dynamic midfielder Alec Waterman, Elijah Howard and Ebert.   

A minute later Jared Hardisty, Joel Fiegert and Whitehead combined to get the ball to Ebert for another major. Scott Doncon replied with a goal to Perth at the 15-minute mark and the Tigers led by seven points at quarter time.

Perth hit the front seven minutes into the second term with a goal to their power forward Sam Garstone before the Tigers hit back with the only other three goals before half-time. Whitehead, Ben Higgs and Jyrin Woods combined to get the ball to hard-running midfielder Ryan Lim, who delivered into attack where half-forward flanker Howard, resplendent in yellow and gold boots, soared to pull down a spectacular mark before using his trusty left foot to boot a goal.

Higgs got the next goal after a good passage of play involving Rogers, Fiegert, Sam Bevan, Hardisty and Jordan Crockett. The ball went back to the centre where Waterman gained the clearance. He surged forward and gained possession at half-forward before booting a lovely long goal.

Soon after that Taylor, showing great dash, sent the ball deep into attack where Howard pulled down another brilliant mark. But no score resulted.

Claremont went into the half-time break with a well-deserved 14-point lead, 5.3 to 2.7. The Redlegs struck back with two goals (both after 50m penalties) in the opening three and a half minutes of the third quarter. Then a goal to Kurtis Chester and another to Garstone stretched Perth’s lead to ten points before the Tigers scored the final three goals to go into the three-quarter-time break with an eight-point advantage.

A goal to Bevan at the 13-minute mark came after an excellent passage of play involving Crockett, Court, Whitehead, Howard and Lim. Five minutes after that Simpson received a free-kick on the left wing before receiving a 50m penalty which enabled him to kick a goal from 45m.

Lim and Waterman were driving forces on the ball and they combined to get the ball to Woods for Claremont’s final goal for the quarter.

The Tigers earned some breathing space with a goal to Higgs two minutes into the final term. This came after Taylor, Ebert, Lim, Waterman and Nick Steens had worked the ball forward. Andries Mercer replied with a goal to the Demons before Crockett drove the ball forward to Lim for another Claremont major.

Newcomer Sam Seton, a 15-year-old from Halls Creek and a student at Clontarf, was warming to his task and marked a short pass from Carruthers before kicking a behind with one of his four kicks for the quarter.

Claremont made sure of victory at the 17-minute mark when Whitehead scored a goal following a forward thrust involving House, Carruthers, Hardisty, Seton, Rogers and Higgs.

Lim and Waterman were outstanding for the victors and Max Bentley maintained his fine form, both on a wing and on a half-back flank. Lim finished with 14 marks, 20 kicks and 12 effective handpasses; Waterman took 12 marks, had 21 kicks and made six effective handpasses and Bentley took eight marks, had 15 kicks and made six effective handpasses. Lim got the ball inside the side’s 50m attacking zone five times and Waterman four times.     

Claremont will finish the qualifying rounds in top spot. The Tigers have 68 points from 17 wins from 19 matches and head the premiership table from South Fremantle (56 points), Perth (52) and Subiaco and East Fremantle (each 44). Claremont are sure to meet spirited opposition from the Sharks at East Fremantle Oval on Saturday morning before clashing with the powerful South Fremantle side in the second semi-final at Claremont Oval the following weekend.

By Ken Casellas



Claremont 11.9 (75) beat Perth 8.11 (59).

Scorers---CLAREMONT: B. Higgs 2.1; E. Simpson 2.0; S. Bevan, E. Howard, J. Woods 1.1; J. Ebert, R. Lim, A. Waterman, M. Whitehead 1.0; S. Seton 0.2; J. Carruthers, N. Steens 0.1; 1pt forced. PERTH: S. Garstone 4.0; K. Chester, S. Doncon, H. Litchfield, A. Mercer 1.0; K. Merson, A. Moreno, T. Phillips 0.2; D. Cox, A. Fitzgerald, B. Manuel, M. Walker 0.1; 1pt forced.

Best---CLAREMONT: R. Lim, T. House, A. Waterman, B. Rogers, J. Fiegert, H. Taylor, J. Hardisty, M. Bentley, M. Whitehead, H. Court. PERTH: B. Edmonds, S. Garstone, S. Doncon, B. Manuel, D. Cox, J. Busher, J. Leeson.

Jones Is A Vital Cog

Tuesday, August 27, 2013 - 11:59 AM

Long gone are the days when full-forwards notched century tallies of goals season after season. Football has developed into a sport which demands a strong involvement from all members of the side. It requires uncompromising commitment, versatility and unselfish team play.

And exemplifying that sort of discipline and an undertaking to share the load was Claremont full-forward Chad Jones in the match against Perth at Lathlain Park on Saturday.

Jones booted three goals to take his tally in 124 WAFL matches to 396. But it is his willingness to cover much more ground than the goalsneaks of yesteryear which makes him a highly important cog in the Tigers machine.  

Frequently Jones is seen helping out on a centre wing, and typifying that was his effort to take a mark 80m out from the goalsquare ten minutes into the fourth quarter against the Demons. He delivered a short pass to Jake Murphy, who took the mark on the 50m arc before going back to slam home the second of his three goals for the afternoon.

It was this sort of undertaking which played an important part in Claremont’s hard-fought 15-point victory over a dogged and determined opponent.

The Tigers will complete the qualifying rounds when they clash with East Fremantle at East Fremantle Oval next Saturday before meeting West Perth in the second semi-final at Claremont Oval the following weekend, on Sunday, September 8.

Claremont have set the standard in the league competition over the past four seasons, contesting 85 matches for 69 wins and a draw and only 15 losses. But nothing is being taken for granted. Coach Marc Webb, his lieutenants and all the players realise fully well that premierships are very hard to achieve and everyone needs to pull in the same direction to win a grand final.

Claremont went into Saturday’s match without captain Andrew Browne, star midfielder Andrew Foster and defenders Jesse Laurie and Tom Taylor and met stern resistance from the Demons, who had to win to retain a slim hope of qualifying for the first semi-final.

Perth were smartest into stride and had two goals on the board before the Tigers got their first major after 17 minutes when Luke Blackwell passed to Paul Medhurst, who took the mark, and in typical fashion, played on and kicked accurately.

David Crawford came under notice late in the term when he smothered the ball off the boot of Brennan Stack, gathered it and cleared it down the scoreboard flank. Perth led by 12 points at quarter time.

Anderson was a shining light in a back pocket in the opening quarter during which he revealed all his sparkling speed, took three marks and had seven kicks. Mark Seaby was in control in the ruck and midfielders Murphy, Ryan Neates and Blackwell and wingers Matt Goyder and Sam Fong were prominent.

The Tigers made a flying start to the second term when Murphy received a free-kick 60m out and then sold a dummy and swerved past Jarryd Morton to steer home a long goal with 54 seconds on the clock.

Claremont took the lead for the first time six minutes into the quarter when Murphy pounced on an errant Perth clearing kick and handpassed to Jack Bradshaw for the side’s third major. Ninety seconds later winger Nick Winmar drove the ball forward where Richardson earned a free-kick when he was slung to the ground when not in possession. He made the most of the opportunity.

Half-forward flanker Matt Davies joined the fun by scoring the next goal and late in the quarter Richardson got the ball to Medhurst, who coolly sent a centering pass to Bradshaw, whose shot was off-line. A Perth defender took the kick-in, but went outside the goalsquare. The bounce-down in the square saw Seaby gain the tap and drop the ball on to his boot for Claremont’s sixth goal and a half-time lead of 16 points.

Tagger Hugo Breakey applied a strong tackle on Morton in the opening moments of the third quarter to earn a free-kick. He then handpassed to Davies, who got the ball on to Bradshaw in the left pocket. But only a behind was the result.

Blackwell was having a significant influence on the contest and he handpassed to Breakey, whose wobbly pass was marked by Jones for his first goal to extend Claremont’s lead to 25 points. But the demons rebounded grandly and piled on 4.2 while holding the Tigers scoreless in the space of eight minutes.

This gave the home side a one-point lead before the Tigers regained some composure and kicked the final three goals of the quarter to go into the final break with a 17-point advantage. Centre-half-forward Anton Hamp marked a Perth switch kick to notch the first of those three late goals.

A move initiated by Goyder on the right wing and involving Richardson ended with Perth’s Michael Sinclair infringing against Bradshaw, who made the most of the free-kick with his second goal. And soon afterwards Fong handpassed to Jones, whose shot was shepherded through by Medhurst for the side’s tenth goal.

Fong, full-back James Thomson and Bradshaw combined to get the ball to Richardson for a Claremont goal two minutes into the final term. Half-back flanker Keifer Yu passed to Hamp, whose pass found a leading Medhurst, who delivered to Jones for Claremont’s 12th goal. The next came less than a minute later after Jones had passed to Murphy.

Murphy got another four minutes later after he received a free-kick for an over-the-shoulder infringement. This gave the Tigers a lead of 34 points. But Claremont did not add to their in the final 15 minutes and 40 seconds, and during that barren period Perth kicked three goals in the space of five minutes to go down by just 15 points.

Blackwell, Murphy and Neates were outstanding on the ball, while Thomson deserves praise for his determined effort on the towering Fraser McInnes, who failed to score a goal.

Blackwell had 17 kicks, 15 effective handpasses and had a staggering total of 15 clearances from stoppages. His tally of six tackles was equalled only by Murphy, who finished with 13 kicks and eight effective handpasses. Neates had 17 kicks, eight effective handpasses, four tackles, eight clearances and he also delivered the ball inside his side’s 50m attacking zone six times.

By Ken Casellas



Claremont 14.12 (96) beat Perth 12.9 (81).

Scorers---CLAREMONT: C. Jones, J. Murphy 3.1; J. Bradshaw 2.3; I. Richardson 2.1; A. Hamp, P. Medhurst, M. Seaby 1.1; M. Davies 1.0; S. Fong 0.1; 2pts forced. PERTH: B. Stack 4.2; S. Tunbridge 2.2; P. Bevan 2.0; J. Houghton, J. Leeson 1.1; M. Florio, R. Richardson 1.0; B. Fry, F. McInnes 0.1; 1pt forced.

Best---CLAREMONT: L. Blackwell, J. Murphy, B. Anderson, M. Seaby, C. Jones, R. Neates, J. Thomson. PERTH: B. Stack, J. Houghton, J. Leeson, K. Ransted, J. Jacobs, B. Hodge, D. White.