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Baum Has Got What It Takes | Round 7 Colts Match Report

Thursday, May 8, 2014 - 2:44 PM

The value of hard running which invariably disorganises the opposition was no better illustrated than early in the second quarter of the match at Fremantle Oval on Saturday when Claremont’s Isaac Baum gave further proof of his wonderful potential.

Baum, playing on a centre wing, had pressed back when South Fremantle were in attack and he was involved in a contest on a half-back flank which resulted in a Claremont clearing kick. Baum immediately charged forward and was still almost at full tilt as he accepted a beautifully weighted pass from Scott Trickey.

Baum then booted a goal which gave the Tigers the lead for the first time in the contest. The advantage stretched to 20 points eight minutes later, but the Bulldogs fought back to take a five-point lead late in the third term. The lead changed hands four times in the final quarter and South Fremantle prevailed to win by a solitary point, thanks to a favourable 50m penalty to the Bulldogs which resulted in an easy goal a few seconds before the final siren.

Baum, a driving force on a wing in the first half, was left limping and unable to move at anywhere near top pace in the third quarter. But he refused to allow the damage to the front of his left thigh to take the easy option of retiring to the sidelines.

Assistant coach Sam Wallace, standing in for coach Ross McQueen, switched Baum to full-forward where he made light of the injury to kick two last-quarter goals.

Poor discipline cost the Tigers dearly. A 50m penalty to the Bulldogs at half-back in the first quarter led directly to the first goal of the match --- to their towering full-forward Cameron Loersch. Then a double 50m penalty to K. Hosking enabled him to kick South Fremantle’s third goal shortly before half-time.

In a terrific see-sawing final quarter the Tigers held a five-point advantage in the final minute of play when Brandon Colbung took a mark on the right flank, almost 70m from goal. Claremont conceded yet another 50m penalty and Colbung booted the winning goal from point-blank range.

The Tigers were also unlucky to lose the services of Robert Simons 12 minutes after the opening bounce. Simons had been moved from defence to full-forward to fill in for Sam Bevan, who along with several of his teammates, was at a camp with the WA unxder-18 squad.

Simons had to be assisted from the field with severe damage to his left knee and Jacob Delaporte took over as goalsneak.

In an even first quarter each side kicked two goals, with Claremont’s coming from Lawrence Evans (with a clever screw kick from the left pocket after he had marked a long kick from defender Josh Barty) and Sam Seton (who received a free-kick for a high tackle, after some splendid work from Bailey Rogers and Russell Wynne).

Baum’s goal early in the second quarter was followed by three more in rapid succession, two from the elusive Wynne and one from Rogers.

Wynne was rewarded for his strong attack on the ball with a free-kick after being tackled high for his first major. Then Rogers snapped truly to end a good move initiated on the left wing by ruckman Jake Jones, who handpassed to Jack Beeck. Finally it was a strong tackle by Seton which paved the way for the goal to Rogers.

After some grand defensive work from full-back Cam Smith it was the hard-working Rogers who drove the ball forward to Sam Humphry, who fired a splendid short pass to Wynne for his second major.

South opened the third term with a goal to Brandon Donaldson which was followed in quick succession by Claremont goals to Seton and Wynne. Harry McCracken, Trickey, Humphry and Wynne were involved in an excellent move which resulted in Seton’s clever goal from the goalsquare. Then it was a Greg Colbung pass to a leading Wynne which gave him his third goal.

South regained the initiative and booted the next four goals. In the dying moments Matt Guelfi handpassed to Jordan Crockett in the right pocket, but to the groans of the Claremont supporters Crockett’s snap hit the left goal post to register a behind.

The Bulldogs started the final quarter with a four-point lead and then two behinds to Donaldson in the opening three minutes stretched the advantage to four points. Claremont responded with a goal to Baum after he had received an excellent pass from Rogers, following good handpasses from Guelfi and Wynne.

A Loersch mark and goal gave the Bulldogs back the lead. Excellent work by Trickey and Seton resulted in a mark to Baum, who passed accurately to Wynne for his fourth major. The scores were level. And then South got their noses in front again with a behind to Grant McLeod. Rogers was continuing to work hard and his kick forward saw Trickey launch himself top take a spectacular diving mark on the boundary line at right half-forward. A point to Trickey again tied the scores.

Trickey marked the South Fremantle kick-in and made the Bulldogs pay with a goal. Harry Wilkinson gained the clearance at the centre bounce and he got the ball to Wynne, who delivered to Colbung, whose excellent low pass was marked by Baum for his third goal.

Claremont then led by two goals with just under nine minutes remaining. South Fremantle reduced the margin with a behind to Loersch and a goal to Donaldson. South attacked relentlessly and twice they were foiled by centre-half-back Matt Cairns, who took two wonderful strong overhead defensive marks.

Finally, it was the 50m penalty to Brandon Colbung which sealed the issue.

by Ken Casellas


South Fremantle 11.10 (76) beat Claremont 12.3 (75)

Scorers---SOUTH FREMANTLE: C. Loersch 4.2; B. Donaldson 2.3; G. McLeod 1.1; D. Cabassi, B. Colbung, K. Hosking, C. Salmon 1.0; J. McComb 0.2; D. Moore, A. Nodari 0.1. CLAREMONT: R. Wynne 4.0; I. Baum 3.0; S. Seton 2.0; S. Trickey 1.1; L. Evans, B. Rogers 1.0; J. Crockett, J. Jones 0.1.

Best---SOUTH FREMANTLE: B. Fimmano, J. McComb, L. Pearson, C. Salmon, D. Moore, C. Loersch, J. Mirco. CLAREMONT: I. Baum, B. Rogers, J. Prendiville, S. Trickey, R. Wynne, M. Cairns, J. Beeck.

Yeo Earns Praise | Round 7 League Match Report

Thursday, May 8, 2014 - 12:48 PM

Team sport is not about individual glory. It revolves around conforming to team ideals and structures. It demands discipline and the willingness to sacrifice personal glory.

A shining example of a player fully prepared to embrace all of the above emerged at Fremantle Oval on Saturday when Claremont’s Corey Yeo was given the task of keeping a tight rein on highly dangerous playmaker Haiden Schloithe.

It was a daunting assignment for Yeo --- to try to curb the activities of the AAMI Player of the Week for his best-on-ground display against East Fremantle the previous weekend when he booted four goals and had 27 disposals. Schloithe was also a star for the Bulldogs a week earlier when he amassed 37 disposals against West Perth.

Yeo uncomplainingly accepted the challenge and he succeeded in tremendous style, greatly reducing Schloithe’s influence. He restricted Schloithe to three marks (two in the final quarter when the Bulldogs were in total control), eight kicks and five effective handpasses. Schloithe scored two goals, the first deep into the third term and the second in the final stages of the last quarter after he had pulled down a fine high mark. He was also the beneficiary of four free-kicks, only one of which was awarded against Yeo.

Yeo finished the match without taking a mark and having only one kick (in the final term) as well as making four effective handpasses and applying three tackles. But he was a real winner for the Tigers as he performed his specific duty grandly.

Sadly, Yeo’s efforts were in vain. South Fremantle crushed Claremont by 64 points and left the Tigers floundering in eighth position the premiership table. Claremont had won the nine previous encounters with South Fremantle in the past four seasons, outscoring the Bulldogs in those matches (five of them at Fremantle Oval), 161 goals and 117 behinds to South’s 103 goals and 75 behinds.

Often statistics do not tell the real story, as in the case of Yeo. And it is difficult to come to terms with the first-quarter statistics when the Tigers managed one scoring shot (a goal) and South Fremantle kicked 4.2.

Remarkably, the Tigers penetrated their 50m attacking zone 18 times to 11 by the Bulldogs and they gained 13 clearances to South’s eight. Skill errors abounded and there were turnovers galore.

At the end of the contest Claremont gained 38 clearances at stoppages to the South Fremantle tally of 32 and the visitors went inside their 50m zone 44 times for just 8.3, while South scored 17.13 from 54 entries into their 50m zone. Claremont had a considerable edge in the ruck duels, finishing with 52 hit-outs to 25, and the Tigers also finished ahead in the tackle count, 55-32, and the free-kick count, 28-18.

Once again, acting captain Luke Blackwell was outstanding in the midfield. He strove desperately for four quarters to enliven the side, while Ryan Neates maintained his wonderful form on a wing and around the ground. Blackwell finished with 14 kicks, 16 highly effective handpasses, five tackles (a tally equalled by Andrew Foster, Aaron Holt, Matt Orzel and Matt Goyder), a match-high tally of 11 clearances and four inside 50s.

It was wonderful earlier in the day to watch Trinity Handley back in action, playing with such spirit and verve in the reserves match. The league side will welcome him and captain Jake Murphy back for the important clash against East Perth at Leederville Oval this coming Saturday afternoon when the entire squad will be hellbent to make amends for the most disappointing performance against South Fremantle. We know that East Perth are far from invincible.

The Tigers certainly gained no advantage whatsoever for going inside 50 18 times to South’s 11 in the opening quarter when Claremont’s solitary score was a snapped major from Jack Bradshaw, playing on after taking a mark in the right pocket.

Claremont opened the second-quarter goalscoring after four minutes with a fine long shot from Neates, dashing forward after gaining possession at a stoppage 70m out. Two goals in mid-term drew the Tigers to within ten points of the home side. Mark Seaby got the first after marking a long kick forward from the busy Neates and then Bradshaw got his second after Holt, Tom Taylor and Neates had combined to work the ball forward.

Holt, on a half-back flank, and Max Bentley, in a pocket, were shining in defence. It is a terrible blow that Bentley will miss Saturday’s match against East Perth with a leg injury.

South Fremantle replied to the goals from Seaby and Bradshaw with majors to Ben Saunders and Josh Pullman Then Mitchell Carter threatened to score another for the Bulldogs, but Jack Richardson produced a great chase and caught Carter, preventing him taking a shot.

Neates was flattened late in the quarter and left the field with bruised ribs. To his credit he was back in the thick of the action after half-time.

Twenty-eight minutes into the quarter a Goyder handpass to Seaby resulted in a fine goal from long range from teenage ruckman Darcy Cameron. This saw the Tigers in touch with the Bulldogs at the long break, only 16 points in arrears.

However, Claremont fell apart and buckled under the pressure applied by the Bulldogs, who restricted the Tigers to three second-half goals, while piling on 10.8 to romp away with the contest.

Claremont’s solitary third-quarter goal came after 20 minutes when Blackwell drove the ball forward to Orzel, whose slewed kick was marked by Taylor, who kicked truly from close range.

Hopes of a Claremont revival were aroused when the Tigers got the opening goal just 40 seconds into the final term. Tom ledger got the ball to Neates, who snapped a tremendous goal. But the Bulldogs assumed control and added the next four goals.

At the 18-minute mark Blackwell handballed to Mathew Aitchison, who got the ball on to Orzel, whose pass was marked by Bradshaw for his third major. South then rounded out proceedings and ended a miserable afternoon for the Tigers by scoring the final two goals.

by Ken Casellas


South Fremantle 17.13 (115) beat Claremont 8.3 (51)

Scorers---SOUTH FREMANTLE: B. Saunders 4.1; J. Pullman 2.2; M. Carter, J. Martinez, H. Schloithe, C. White 2.1; M. Pickett 1.2; J. Sellar 1.1; A. McIntosh 1.0; T. Kelly 0.1; 2pts forced. CLAREMONT: J. Bradshaw 3.0; R. Neates 2.0; D. Cameron, M. Seaby, T. Taylor 1.0; M. Andrews, M. Orzel 0.1; 1pt forced.

Best---SOUTH FREMANTLE: R. Cook, J. Martinez, D. Ross, A. Gugliemana, A. Hams, S. Bewick, B. Saunders, B. Verrier, S. Verrier, C. White, M. Carter. CLAREMONT: L. Blackwell, R. Neates, A. Foster, A. Holt, M. Orzel, J. Bradshaw, C. Yeo, M. Bentley.

Round 8 Preview Claremont vs. East Perth

Wednesday, May 7, 2014 - 7:49 PM

Claremont will be looking to rebound from its disappointing loss to South Fremantle when they take on East Perth this Saturday at Medibank Stadium.

The Tigers were completely outplayed by the Bulldogs in round seven, while the Royals made it consecutive victories with a patchy 10 point win over the Sharks.

The Tigers haven’t had much joy on the road this season, with a win over the Falcons in round two their only success.

The Tigers can, however, draw on the fact that the Royals have lost games to the Falcons and the Lions at the venue.

The Tigers had 11 players with less than 30 League games experience take on the Bulldogs, as Coach Michael Broadbridge continues to blood the youngsters.

Captain Jake Murphy will look to return from a knee injury that has sidelined him since round three, while vice-captain Trinity Handley could play his first League game since round one.

Handley played 80 minutes in the Reserves’ thumping win over the Bulldogs, as he seeks to return from a hamstring and back injury.

If Handley does return, then Broadbridge has the option of returning Anton Hamp to the forward line as the Tigers look to kick more goals.

Hamp has been a valuable replacement in the backline, however, with the Tigers averaging 9.5 goals per game, he may be required to help out the likes of Mark Seaby and Jack Bradshaw.

Bradshaw has kicked six goals in the last two rounds, although the Tigers will be looking to give their forwards better delivery of the football from the midfield.

The midfield battle shapes as a beauty.

The in-form Luke Blackwell (averaging 27.6 disposals per game), possibly Murphy, Ryan Neates and Matt Orzel will come up against the likes of Craig Wulff, Brendan Lee, possibly Sharrod Wellingham, and Patrick McGinnity.

The ruck battle could also prove crucial with Darcy Cameron, Mitch Andrews, and Seaby coming up against Callum Sinclair and Paul Johnson.

The Tigers defeated the Royals in both home-and-away fixtures last season, however, the Royals gained revenge in the Preliminary final, prevailing by 63 points.

A win for the Tigers could see them outside the top four only on percentage, while a win for the Royals could see them top of the table.

Bounce down is at 2.05pm.

By Dan Scamozzi

Tigers Far Too Strong For Bulldogs | Round 7 Reserves Match Report

Tuesday, May 6, 2014 - 11:56 AM

Claremont's Reserves have recorded their third consecutive win after dismantling South Fremantle by 80 points, 17.15 (117) to 5.7. (37) at Fremantle Oval.

In a dominant four-quarter effort the Tigers were led by Joel Ebert who kicked three goals, while Shane McAdam, Keegan Knott, Jordan Aitken, Matthew Davies, and Liam Smith each kicked two majors.

The Tigers were ruthless, restricting the Bulldogs to only two goals in the first three quarters.

Coach Nigel Wilson had to contend with several changes from the side who defeated Peel Thunder in round six, with Kiefer Yu sidelined through concussion, Josh Tilley out injured, Bernard Sneeuwjagt earning a League berth, and multiple players missing due to exams.

Jordan Law returned to the side, as did Luke Salamone and Sam Lamont, while Knott was back in the team after making way for Brandon Franz in the League side.

Vice-captain Trinity Handley lined up for the first time since suffering a hamstring injury in the round one League loss to Perth.

The Tigers had the first goal of the game when Jayden Brooks kicked truly from 25m in the fifth minute.

A scrappy start to the game followed, before Traye Bennell kicked the home sides first major at the 18 minute mark.

The Tigers hit back when Smith was set up by Coleman Cristinelli, before Davie’s first major of the game saw the side take a 15 point lead into quarter time.

The break gave Wilson a chance to address his players on their ball use when entering the 50m zone, and to increase their speed of play between the backline and forward line.

The message seemed to have worked wonders, with Smith’s second goal arriving moments into the second term, before McAdam lit up the game with a running goal from the centre circle, which involved a one-two exchange with Knott.

When Knott kicked his first goal of the game after being set up by Davies, the margin was out to 32 points, with the Tigers having an early stranglehold on the contest.

Further goals to Aitken and Alex Manuel saw the lead out to 45 points at the major break, with the Tigers registering 17 shots at goal to seven for the half.

An early goal to Jayden D’Vauz got the third term underway after a rare turnover from the Tigers, before Knott kicked his second goal after being found by Aitken.

Goals to McAdam (second) and Ebert followed, before Knott found Ethan Panizza with a wonderful squaring ball as he extended the Tigers lead to 60 points at the last change.

With Wilson encouraging the players to finish off the game strongly, a second goal to Aitken was just the start to the final term the Tigers were looking for.

A 40m goal from Davies on the boundary line saw him register his second and the Tigers fourteenth major, before veteran Kris Miller replied for the Bulldogs.

Successive goals to Ebert saw the margin extended to 80 points at the 20 minute mark of the final term, before former Falcon Lewis Harvey kicked a late consolation for the home side.

Appropriately, the Tigers would have the final say, as Law’s first goal saw the final margin finish at 80 points, giving the Tigers a comprehensive victory.

Davies and Henry Roberts had 73 disposals between them, while Ben Daniher, Cristinelli, Aaron Hayes, Law, and Michael Trevenen all won their share of the football.

Wilson was delighted with the performance, but also identified areas for improvement.

“I think we started a little bit slowly,” Wilson said.

“We were a bit sloppy with the footy, mainly before half time.

“I think we recovered after half time with our skills, but you can tell with the conversion rate on the scoreboard, we’ve got a little bit of work to do.”

Five goals to two in the final term had Wilson singing the praises of his players.

“I was very happy,” Wilson said.

“We could have got lazy and let the game run its course, but we didn’t and we actually knuckled down, kept the pressure on and finished the game off pretty well.”

Wilson was further satisfied with his defenders, and also paid tribute to the game played by Hayes.

“Playing the goal keeper role is something he’s still learning,” Wilson said.

“It’s difficult for a young player when you play a goal keeping role, which is the one at the back of the defensive six where he basically plays on nobody.

“It’s tempting for them to get drawn to the player, but by the end of the game I reckon he got it down pat and I think he’ll go well with the role in future weeks.

“The back six were fantastic.”

Davies was another player to earn praise from the coach.

“I gave him the opportunity to look after the midfielders,” Wilson said.

“I think his leadership was fantastic and he had a ripper game.”

Vice-captain Handley was one to benefit from his first game since round one, and Wilson was pleased to have his experience on hand.

“He’s played over 180 games of WAFL, so he’s a class act,” Wilson said.

“We just needed to get 80 minutes of footy into him today, which we did.

“His name will be thrown up for the League side next week.”

The Tigers sit in second position on the ladder with five wins and one loss from their opening six games, trailing Subiaco only by percentage.

An away game against East Perth at Medibank Stadium awaits the team in round eight.

by Dan Scamozzi


CLAREMONT 3.5 8.9 12.11 17.15 (117)

SOUTH FREMANTLE 1.2 1.6 2.11 4.13 (37)







Round 7 Preview Claremont vs. South Fremantle

Wednesday, April 30, 2014 - 1:29 PM

Claremont will be looking to record consecutive wins for the first time this season when they take on South Fremantle this Saturday at Fremantle Oval.

The Tigers defeated Peel Thunder at the Showgrounds in round six, while the Bulldogs followed up their win over West Perth by defeating arch-rivals East Fremantle.

The Bulldogs are yet to win at home this season, and the Tigers will be looking to replicate their win on the road against the Falcons in round two.

The Tigers recorded their highest score for the season in the win over Peel, although they will come up against a Bulldogs side who have conceded only 19 goals in the past two rounds.

The Tigers will be hoping for similar efforts from Mark Seaby and Jack Bradshaw who kicked three goals each against Peel, while Ben Saunders has kicked nine goals in his previous two games for the Bulldogs (including seven against the Falcons in round five).

Anton Hamp may be the man for the job on the dangerous Saunders, having relished the move to the backline against Peel.

The Tigers will be hopeful of gaining Brandon Franz and vice-captain Trinity Handley who both missed last round through injury.

John Williams remains sidelined with a knee injury.

The Tigers will be mindful of Haiden Schloithe who is averaging 28.6 possessions per game and has kicked eight goals this season (including four in the win over the Sharks).

Captain Jake Murphy is a chance of returning from a knee injury, while vice-captain Luke Blackwell will once again be pivotal to the Tigers chances of victory, having averaged 27 possessions per game.

Mitch Andrews and Darcy Cameron will share the ruck load against Brock Higgins from the Bulldogs, as both teams look to give their midfielders first use of the football.

Claremont have dominated South Fremantle in recent times, winning the past nine encounters between the two teams.

You have to go all the way back to round five 2009 for the Bulldogs last win over the Tigers.

There are high stakes for this game with both teams looking for a third win, which could see them outside the top four only on percentage.

Bounce down is at 2.05pm.

By Dan Scamozzi

Colbung Shows Class | Round 6 Colts Match Report

Tuesday, April 29, 2014 - 6:54 PM

Defenders rarely gain the plaudits generally reserved for the flashy midfielders and the goalkicking aces. But they are highly important members of any team and one in the Claremont side who has performed admirably in the first five matches of the season without basking in any sort of spotlight is back pocket specialist Greg Colbung.

The 17-year-old Colbung, from the Royals club in Albany, has shown steady improvement and has proved highly dependable. His clean ball handling and decision making were highlights of the match against Peel Thunder at the Claremont Showgrounds on Saturday morning.

Along with fellow backmen Harry Court, Francis Watson, Cam Smith, Nick Barrow, Matthew Cairns, Robert Simons and Josh Barty, Colbung made life difficult for the Peel forwards and Claremont simply enjoyed a romp in the park in coasting to a 73-point victory, with the visitors managing just three goals in ideal conditions.

Powerhouse midfielders Alec Waterman and Jared Hardisty again showed the way. Each is a fearless competitor, blessed with remarkable stamina and an unquenchable appetite in their quest to gain possession of the ball. Waterman finished with six marks, 17 kicks, 16 effective handpasses, three tackles, six clearances at stoppages and five inside 50s. Hardisty had 12 kicks, 17 effective handpasses, three tackles and two clearances.

And again midfielders Sam Humphry and Bailey Rogers and wingers Ryan Lim and Harry Taylor were in grand form.

Humphry was in the thick of the action from the outset and he booted a goal from the left pocket 40 seconds after the opening bounce and a minute later he fired a pass to full-forward Sam Bevan for another goal. And when Matt Palfrey booted a goal from the right pocket the Tigers led, 3.0 to 0.0 after just four minutes.

However, it took another seven minutes for the next goal. Hardisty started the attacking move from half-back and he delivered an excellent pass to Bevan, who got the ball on to ruckman Jake Jones. Then Jones delivered to Barty for goal No. 4.

Peel got on the board late in the quarter with behinds Brayden Westwood and Brandon Smith and the Tigers scored their fifth goal (from Waterman) in the final minute, following a splendid passage of play involving Taylor, Lawrence Evans, Rogers, Court and Bevan.

The Claremont players appeared to become complacent in the second quarter. Their work rate deteriorated and Peel simply outplayed the home side, even though they managed only one goal for the term, while Claremont also scored one goal, a free-kick to Humphry.

A gusty wind was becoming stronger in the third quarter when the Tigers lifted their intensity and outscored Peel, 4.4 to 1.1. A snap from Harry McCracken after a stoppage at half-forward saw the first of Claremont’s goals posted for the quarter. An excellent pass from Taylor was marked 50m out by Isaac Baum for the next goal.

Rogers received a handpass for the next and Waterman gained the clearance at the resultant centre bounce when he handpassed to Jack Prendiville, whose kick forward was marked in fine style by Evans for another major.

Peel replied with a goal to Jacob Goodrick six minutes later and then a wonderful pass from Court found Lim for Claremont eleventh goal and a lead of 58 points at three-quarter time.

Coach Ross McQueen made several positional changes for the final quarter, most notably being the move of Cairns from full-back to full-forward, Bevan from full-forward to centre-half-back, Adam Volaric to centre-half-forward, Taylor from a wing to a back pocket and forwards Baum and Evans to the centre wings.

McCracken opened the scoring with a goal after some strong cohesive play from Watson, Volaric and Taylor. Six minutes later Volaric and Barty got the ball to Rogers in the left pocket where he received a free-kick and curled in a clever goal. Harry Wilkinson became the side’s eleventh individual goalkicker when he made full use of a 50m penalty.

Peel remain winless in 2014 and the Tigers must be prepared for a far more testing time when they meet top side South Fremantle at Fremantle Oval next Saturday morning.

by Ken Casellas



Claremont 14.14 (98) beat peel Thunder 3.7 (25)

Scorers---CLAREMONT: S. Humphry, H. McCracken 2.1; B. Rogers 2.0; L. Evans 1.4; S. Bevan, M. Palfrey 1.1; J. Barty, I. Baum, R. Lim, A. Waterman, H. Wilkinson 1.0; R. Simons 0.1; 5pts forced. PEEL: J. Goodrick 2.1; B. Tingey 1.0; M. Wallace 0.2; J. Adams, B. Smith, B. Westwood 0.1; 1pt forced.

Best---CLAREMONT: A. Waterman, H. Court, J. Hardisty, S. Humphry, G. Colbung, R. Lim, H. Taylor, R. Simons, F. Watson, J. Barty, B. Rogers. PEEL: M. Curnow, B. Walsh, B. Westwood, L. Shepherd, J. Goodrick, B. Milward.

Claremont Football Club Annual Golf Day

Tuesday, April 29, 2014 - 1:58 PM

‘Royal Fremantle at 6168m is not long by modern standards. The course is well maintained with clearly defined Kikuyu fairways that are amongst the best all year round in the country, tidy tee boxes and Bent grass greens that are deceptively quick. However, when a shot goes astray the penalty is fair and there is always a chance to manufacture a shot from under the trees to get the ball back into play.’


CLICK HERE to view Flyer & Registration Form


Friday 16th May

Royal Fremantle Golf Club

359 High Street

Fremantle WA 6160




Registration must be received by Friday 9 May 2014


Claremont Football Club

PO Box 59


Phone: 08 9384 9200

Fax: 08 9384 5563


Tigers Stand Tall | Round 6 League Match Report

Monday, April 28, 2014 - 9:24 PM

The final quarter was just over 25 minutes old at the Claremont Showgrounds on Saturday when Claremont defender Aaron Holt hurled himself at the boot of Peel Thunder’s Mathew Brown to smother a shot at goal. And a minute later Ryan Neates applied a fierce tackle on Anthony Morabito to prevent him shooting for goal.

The Tigers were leading by 29 points and the contest was all sewn up in the home side’s favour. But those two spirited efforts typified Claremont’s approach to the game. The players were determined to make amends for thrashings in the two previous matches --- losses by 80 points to Subiaco and by 75 points by East Fremantle.

There was a steely resolve going into the match and every player deserves great credit and commendation for their commitment and the character they showed to rebound with a highly gratifying 28-point victory.

It was a wonderful return to the Showgrounds and the league side’s triumph followed splendid wins by the Tigers colts and reserves sides earlier in the day which left the Thunder without a win in any grade after six rounds of football.

The delightful feeling of nostalgia on Saturday, with Claremont returning to play at the Showgrounds, the club’s home ground in its inaugural year in 1926, was heightened with the appearance of Bud Byfield in the middle of the ground to toss the coin.

The 90-year-old Byfield was just 16 years old when he played in Claremont’s premiership side in 1940 in his third league appearance. Club oldtimers fondly recall when Byfield made his senior debut against Subiaco at Claremont Oval on August 31, 1940. He arrived at the ground in his Christ Church Grammar school uniform and centre-half-forward Johnny Compton, the toughest, roughest and meanest man to ever have pulled on a Claremont jumper, snatched the school cap off his head and kicked it around the changerooms.

This didn’t particularly worry the youngster who went out on to the ground where he lined up against the reigning Sandover medallist Haydn Bunton sen. and kicked two goals to help Claremont win by 20 points. Bunton, a triple Brownlow medallist, went on to claim his third Sandover Medal in 1941. But Byfield’s career was cut short by World War 2. He was a commissioned officer in the famous 2/11th battalion and took part in the Wewak campaign in New Guinea in 1944-45.

Byfield, a WA first-class cricketer, played 36 league matches for Claremont and 18 matches for Melbourne in 1946, including the VFL grand final which was won by Essendon. He then played 284 matches in West Australian country football competitions.

Claremont went into battle against Peel without injured key players Jake Murphy, Trinity Handley, John Williams and Brandon Franz and forward Luke Cameron was chosen to make his league debut. And returning to action for the first time this year were ruckman Mitch Andrews and defender Matt Goyder, while Sam Fong, Mathew Aitchison and Keegan Knott were recalled.

Peel went into the side heavily stacked with tall timber, most notably Craig Moller (204cm), Jack Hannath (201cm), Jonathon Griffin (201cm), Kepler Bradley (198cm) and Matt Taberner (197cm). With these five giants playing in attack as well taking turns in the ruck Claremont’s undersized defensive unit was going to be sorely tested.

However, the Tigers defence stood up in magnificent fashion and their efforts played a major role in the win. Anton Hamp, who played at centre-half-forward in the early matches this season before starting the previous match against East Fremantle on a centre wing, was switched to centre-half-back and the 187cm Tom Willett was given the task of taking over from Franz at full-back where he performed manfully against the towering Moller, who boasted a 17cm height advantage. Moller kicked four goals, but Willett’s dogged performance cannot be underestimated.

Hamp (190cm) absorbed some heavy physical buffeting and stood up in grand style against Bradley and Hannath. He maintained his excellence when matched against Griffin and Moller for brief periods.

Holt, Tom Ledger, Goyder, Jordan McAllister and Max Bentley all were splendid defenders, with Bentley switching from a wing to a back pocket where he played with great assurance.

Claremont held control throughout the afternoon and never appeared in the slightest danger of losing against a feisty, ill-disciplined Peel outfit which was full of misplaced aggro against a more smooth-functioning side. Peel paid a heavy penalty for misguided aggression and there is little wonder that Claremont received 29 free-kicks while conceding only 16.

Claremont produced a performance full of character and Tiger spirit which is sure to lead to many more wins as the 2014 season unfolds. The most worthy winner of the Ralph Honner trophy awarded to the Claremont player who most clearly embodied the Anzac spirit was recalled wingman Fong, who spent three matches in the reserves after earning the wrath of the coach for an undisciplined act in the round-one match against Perth.

Fong worked tirelessly on a wing for his 14 kicks and seven effective handpasses, while Tom Taylor also was an effective player on the other wing.

Clearly the best and most effective and creative player on the ground was Claremont’s acting captain Luke Blackwell, who continues to get about his business with unobtrusive efficiency. He had 19 kicks and made eight effective handpasses as well as applying four tackles, gaining a team-high nine clearances from stoppages and sending the ball inside the 50m attacking zone six times, a figure matched only by Taylor and the hard-working Corey Yeo.

Ryan Neates continued his splendid form with another sparkling performance on a half-forward flank and a wing. Few players in the competition can match his dazzling speed. Andrew Foster, Matt Orzel and Aitchison produced excellent four-quarter efforts on the ball, as did Jack Richardson, playing mainly on a half-forward flank.

It was Fong who opened the goalscoring six minutes into the contest with a fine snap after a boundary throw-in from the right pocket, following a forward thrust involving Knott, Foster and Richardson. Seaby outmarked Alex Silvagni for Claremont’s second major, with Ledger sending the ball forward.

A long shot from Orzel gave the Tigers their third goal, but Moller’s second goal at the 30-minute mark reduced Claremont’s lead at quarter time to seven points.

A 50m penalty enabled Taberner to post Peel’s third goal five minutes into the second term. Then three minutes later Richardson was awarded a free-kick deep in the right pocket before a 50m penalty made a certainty of Claremont’s fourth goal.

Ledger smothered an attempted Peel kick and he sent the ball forward for a mark and goal to full-forward Seaby. Moments before half-time Blackwell handpassed to Bentley, who got the ball to Jack Bradshaw in the right pocket. Bradshaw centred a pass to Richardson. The siren sounded and then Richo booted his second.

Hamp was shining in defence in the third quarter when each side added three goals. Claremont’s goals came from Neates (a snap from close range), Bradshaw (making Peel pay for a simple skill error) and Knott (finishing a cohesive move down the left flank involving Neates, Bradshaw and Bentley).

The Tigers were outrunning the Peelsters in the rain and squally conditions and outscored the visitors, six goals to four in the final term. Bradshaw got the first, Foster the second, after Neates and Seaby combined to deliver the ball to him, and it was a deft Seaby handpass that gave Bradshaw his third goal of the day.

Just past the 20-minute mark Foster handpassed to Taylor, who delivered to Orzel, who gave further proof of his unselfish nature by handballing to Seaby in the goalsquare for the big man’s third goal. Four minutes later Blackwell passed to Goyder, who found Yeo for Claremont’s 14th goal.

Then in the 28th minute Ledger and Fong swapped handpasses as they carried the ball from the half-back line downfield to Orzel, who passed to the hard-running Fong for his second goal which extended Claremont’s lead to 34 points. A Peel goal to Michael Wood 90 second later cut the final margin to 28 points.

by Ken Casellas


Claremont 15.12 (102) beat Peel Thunder 11.8 (74)

Scorers---CLAREMONT: J. Bradshaw, M. Seaby 3.0; J. Richardson 2.2, S. Fong 2.1; R. Neates 1.2; K. Knott 1.1; A. Foster, M. Orzel, C. Yeo 1.0; M. Aitchison, J. McAllister, T. Taylor 0.1; 3pts forced. PEEL: C. Moller 4.0; M. Taberner 3.0; K. Bradley, M. Brown, B. Jones, M. Wood 1.0; A. Morabito 0.2; J. Ballard, J. Flaherty, K. Lawrence, L. Wilkins 0.1; 2pts forced.

Best---CLAREMONTL: L. Blackwell, R. Neates, S. Fong, A. Foster, T. Ledger, C. Yeo, A. Hamp, M. Bentley, M. Orzel, J. Richardson, T. Taylor, M. Aitchison. PEEL: C. Garlett, A. Morabito, B. Jones, J. Ballard, M. Taberner, J. Griffin, A. Silvagni.

Tigers Defeat Thunder In Style / Round 6 Reserves Match Report

Monday, April 28, 2014 - 1:50 PM

Claremont have joined Subiaco on four wins and one loss, after defeating Peel Thunder by 83 points at the Showgrounds, 18.15 (123) to 7.8 (50).

The Tigers were led by Jordan Aitken who kicked four goals, while Liam Smith and Shane Mcadam each kicked three.

There were warning signs for the Thunder early on when Aitken kicked the first of his four majors barely two minutes into the contest.

Kiefer Yu was then forced from the ground under the blood rule after taking a courageous mark.

Behinds to Matthew Davies and Aitken followed before Coleman Cristinelli was well set up by Ben Daniher to kick his first goal, giving the Tigers an early 12 point lead.

A turnover in the Tigers defence handed the Thunder their first major and the margin was reduced to seven points.

A late snap by Ben Higgs gave the Tigers their third major and with it a 14 point lead at the first break.

It was a dominant opening term by the Tigers, including 14 to seven inside 50m entries, 24 more disposals, and four more scoring shots.

The second term started much the same as the first, with Henry Roberts and Liam Smith kicking early goals, which saw the Tigers race to a 25 point lead.

The Thunder replied through Nick Gajewski, before Smith kicked his second goal after being set up by Yu.

The Thunder responded through Reise Wilkey, before man-of-the-moment Smith kicked his third for the quarter as both teams traded goals.

When Yu was awarded a 50m penalty after being crunched by Rhys Anzellino, he kicked the Tigers eighth goal, extending the lead to 33 points.

Late goals to Jayden Brooks and Shane Mcadam (after the siren) saw the Tigers lead the Thunder by 45 points at the long break, after kicking seven goals to two for the quarter.

The Thunder broke the trend of the opening two terms by kicking the opening goal of the third quarter through Liam McKenna as the result of a 50m penalty.

The joy was short-lived, however, as goals to Mcadam (second), Alex Manuel, and Aitken (second) saw the lead blow out to 61 points at the last change.

The Tigers were now looking to finish off the game in style, although the Thunder kicked the opening goal of the last term through Wilkey (second).

The Tigers hit back through a second goal to Roberts, before the Thunder responded through Jesse Hockings.

Two quick goals to the best-on-ground Aitken and further majors to Michael Trevenen, and Mcadam (third) saw the Tigers run out big winners.

Aitken was superb all day, tallying four goals, seven marks and 18 disposals, while Roberts, Daniher, Dean Blackwell, and Bernard Sneeuwjagt all won plenty of the ball.

Perhaps the most pleasing aspect of the win was the Tigers winning every quarter, while their 19.8 disposals per goal compared to the Thunders 44, highlighted the efficiency and skill execution with ball in hand.

South Fremantle await the Tigers next Saturday at Fremantle Oval.

Bounce down is at 11.25am.

by Dan Scamozzi


CLAREMONT 3.4 10.8 13.13 18.15 (123)

PEEL THUNDER 1.2 3.5 4.6 7.8 (50)







Round 6 Preview Claremont vs. Peel Thunder

Thursday, April 24, 2014 - 6:44 PM

Claremont will host Peel Thunder in the first of its nine home games for the season at the Showgrounds this Saturday.

The Tigers are fresh off a bye in round five and will be looking to register their second win, while the Thunder are yet to record a victory this season.

With the nearby Claremont Oval undergoing a redevelopment, the Tigers will be looking to establish a home ground advantage at the Showgrounds in 2014/15.

It’s been an indifferent start to Michael Broadbridge’s senior coaching career, with the Tigers well beaten against the likes of Perth, Subiaco and East Fremantle, but in between defeating reigning premiers West Perth.

The battle to kick a winning score will be pivotal, with the Tigers averaging 60 points a game, compared to the Thunder’s 74.

The Tigers have enjoyed a recent dominance over the Thunder, winning nine of the last ten encounters between the two sides.

Tigers captain Jake Murphy and vice-captain Trinity Handley are a chance to return from knee and hamstring injuries respectively, while Peel’s Colin Sylvia will serve the final game of his two match suspension.

The eighth-placed Tigers will be looking to move two games clear of last-placed Peel with victory, which could also leave them just one win outside the top four depending on other results.

Bounce down is at 2.05pm.

by Dan Scamozzi