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WAWFL Round 1

Wednesday, April 11, 2018 - 9:44 AM

Round 1 of the WAWFL saw Claremont coming out firing. A 3 from 3 win against Perth Angels at home in front friends, family and supporters.

The Rogers cup team set the tone early winning 11.10.76 over 5.2.32. The Tiger song filling the ground as the Reserves ran out fired them up early and kept them firing for a 19.24.108 win over 0.0.0. The League team brought us home with 16.12.108 over 3.2.20 win. 

Shaking out the cobwebs with a comprehensive win has set the tone for next week against South Fremantle. While the scores show a comfortable margin, we can improve our kicking efficiency and skill execution. Back to the track for training now and then three away games before our next home game: Sunday the 6th May against South Fremantle. This round will also be our Sponsors Round, to thank and acknowledge our amazing club sponsors.

Rachel Asquith

CWFC Player

2018 Player Quiz - Anton Hamp

Wednesday, April 4, 2018 - 1:55 PM
Get to know CFC's Senior Players through our weekly Player Quiz!
Q1 Name: Anton Hamp
Q2 Nickname: Magic
Q3 AFL club supported as a kid: West Coast
Q4 Best moment in junior footy: Hale School Alcock Cup in 2009
Q5 Favourite sporting hero: Tom Swift
Q6 Favourite food: Bahn Mi Thit
Q7 Favourite movie: Lion King
Q8 Favourite TV show: Rick and Morty
Q9 If you could swap jobs with someone, who would it be: Tom Lee
Q10 If you won the lottery, what would you buy first: Low Interest Government Bonds
Q11 What’s your next bucket-list destination: Canada
Q12 Your wife/partner or best friend would describe you as: A peanut
Q13 The three people that you admire the most and would like to meet:
              1. Elon Musk
              2. Roger Federer
              3. Isaac Newton
Q14 Your most treasured possession: My bed
Q15 What do you like to do on your days off? Beach, travel, golf
Q16 What is your favourite memory at Claremont FC so far? 100 game vs Swans
Q17 Who is the king of selfies at CFC? Joseph Morgan Davies
Q18 Who would you say is the funniest player at CFC? J-Lo
Q19 Before a game I always: Eat banana on toast
Q20 As a footballer, how would you like to be remembered? Loyal and Selfless

Tiger Cubs Shine in Defeat

Tuesday, April 3, 2018 - 11:24 AM

Claremont suffered an 18-point defeat against West Perth at HBF Arena on Saturday in the opening round of the McDonald’s WAFL Premiership Season, but the form of two young Tigers was a big positive to come out of the match.

Turnovers proved costly for the Tigers in the 14.9 (93) to 12.3 (75) defeat, despite brilliant performances from full-back Fraser Gilbert and ruckman Jeremy Goddard.

The unflappable Gilbert, in just his third game, won the players’ player award after dominating West Perth full-forward Tyler Keitel, who kicked 46 goals in 2017, and keeping the spearhead goalless.

Meanwhile, Goddard, in just his second game, won 44 hit-outs and had the better of his duel with the experienced Chris Keunen, while Jordan Law and Corey Mitchell both made their debuts and new recruit Tom Curren played his first official game for the Tigers.

Jye Bolton (39 disposals, one goal) was prominent in midfield and also played as a deep forward, while Ryan Murphy (30 disposals, one goal) also found plenty of the ball.

Oliver Eastland (eight marks, one goal) worked and competed hard, while Beau Maister (six marks) kicked a team-high three goals but was reported for rough conduct.

The returning Kane Mitchell (41 disposals, seven tackles, one goal) worked tirelessly, while Ryan Lim laid a team-high nine tackles.

The Falcons were led by their new captain Aaron Black (40 disposals, 16 tackles), while Rudy Riddoch and Tyson Moulton kicked three goals apiece.

With the Tigers kicking against the breeze in the opening term in fine but blustery conditions, a goal-saving smother from Gilbert prevented Keitel and was a sign of things to come, before a pair of goals to Maister gave Claremont a great start and 11-point lead.

Despite Goddard already impressing with his tap-work and Eastland competing strongly, goals to Jay van Berlo and former Tiger Keegan Knott saw the Falcons reply and take a two-point lead, before K. Mitchell dribbled through Claremont’s third major.

Knott then made the Tigers pay for some poor kicking in defence with his second, before goals to Luke Meadows (50m penalty) and Riddoch saw the Falcons finish the term strongly and take a 16-point lead at quarter-time.

Claremont coach Darren Harris praised the Tigers’ first 20 minutes of play, before Jared Hardisty kicked the first goal of the second term to trim the deficit to 10 points.

Moulton then replied with the first of his three majors, before a great tap from Goddard to Curren allowed the midfielder to find Eastland with a fine pass and the utility to kick the Tigers’ fifth goal.

A flying snap from new captain Ian Richardson gave the Tigers consecutive goals and resulted from some fine efforts from Corey Mitchell and another clearance from Curren, before Maister had his number taken.

A second goal to Moulton saw the Falcons have the final say of the first half and take an eight-point lead at half-time.

A third to Moulton saw the Falcons extend their lead to 14 points early in the second half, before Maister kicked his third after a pinpoint pass from Richardson.

Riddoch then made the Tigers pay for an errant kick-in with his second, before Kody Manning extended the Falcons’ lead to 22 points and Claremont’s Tom Ledger came off under the blood rule.

A goal to Blake Wilhelm gave the Falcons three consecutive majors and had the Tigers in trouble, before Bolton kicked a timely major after winning a free-kick.

Manning then kicked his second after a turnover in Claremont’s defence to give the Falcons a 29-point lead at the final change.

Another turnover resulted in Riddoch kicking his third goal early in the final term and had the Tigers on the ropes, before Murphy kicked truly from outside 50 after a great mark from Gilbert in defence.

Goals to Curren and Alex Manuel gave the Tigers three in a row and cut the margin to 19 points, before Keifer Yu limped off the field.

Trent Manzone then kicked a steadying goal for the Falcons, before a second to Manuel proved little more than consolation in a frustrating performance from the Tigers.

The Tigers have a bye in round two, before hosting East Fremantle at Claremont Oval in round three.

CLAREMONT 3.0 6.2 8.2 12.3 (75)

WEST PERTH 5.4 7.4 12.7 14.9 (93)


CLAREMONT: 3 B. Maister, 2 A. Manuel, 1 K. Mitchell, I. Richardson, T. Curren, J. Bolton, R. Murphy, J. Hardisty, O. Eastland.

WEST PERTH: 3 R. Riddoch, T. Moulton, 2 K. Knott, K. Manning, 1 L. Meadows, T. Manzone, B. Wilhelm, J. van Berlo.


CLAREMONT: F. Gilbert, J. Bolton, R. Murphy, O. Eastland, J. Goddard.

WEST PERTH: A. Black, R. Riddoch, K. Knott, S. Nelson, L. Tedesco.

By Dan Scamozzi

Impressive Tigers Maul Falcons

Tuesday, April 3, 2018 - 11:16 AM

Claremont’s Reserves have started their season in emphatic fashion, with the Tigers smashing West Perth by 61 points at HBF Arena on Saturday.

The 17.7 (109) to 6.12 (48) demolition gave new coach Steven Armstrong an ideal start to his reign and featured nine debutants, with the Tigers’ win built on the back of some outstanding team play and a collective effort across the board.

After winning the first two quarters, the Tigers put their foot down in the second half, kicking 11 goals to three, and achieved their win after laying 20 more tackles than the Falcons.

Tom Lee was outstanding at full-forward with eight marks and a game-high four goals, and also assisted and played a role in several others, with the Tiger one of 11 goal kickers, while defender Anton Hamp won the players’ player award.

Jack Beeck (22 disposals, seven tackles, one goal), playing his first official game since round 23, 2016, set the tone with his ferocious attack on the ball and regularly drove the Tigers forward with a team-high six inside 50s, while the speedy Shaquille Morton was dangerous at ground level, front and centre at several contests and laid a game-high 10 tackles.

Nick Yarran (on debut), along with Morton, was a constant threat at ground level with his pace and pressure, while Rhett Lloyd (on debut) had an equal team-high 24 disposals, along with the tireless Jacob Sideris, and also impressed.

The Falcons were left to rue their inaccuracy, highlighted by a return of 0.5 in the second term, and had no multiple goal kickers or answers to the Tigers’ second-half onslaught.

In fine but blustery conditions, Lee made the Falcons pay for some ill-discipline and kicked the game’s first goal, before a great chase and tackle from Corey Hitchcock (on debut) was an early indication of the Tigers’ appetite for the contest.

Ewan Larmett then kicked the Falcons’ first goal, before Lee replied with his second after a great centre clearance and pass from Sideris.

The busy Jake Stergiou soon added the Tigers’ third major, with Morton crumbing the ball at full pace and delivering to Lee in the build-up, before Alexander Coe replied for the Falcons halfway through the opening term.

Morton then kicked truly from a tight angle to give the Tigers a 13-point lead, with the goal resulting from a great spoil from Beeck across half-back which created a turnover.

Stergiou then kicked his second goal to give the Tigers consecutive majors and a 19-point lead, before Joel Bennett kicked the Falcons’ third to trim Claremont’s advantage to 13 points at quarter-time.

With the Tigers’ energy, intensity and pressure on display, Armstrong paid tribute to the good start but encouraged the team to kick the ball long and direct, with Lee and Kaiden Gilbert looking dangerous and providing key targets.

West Perth’s Sam Rotham was reported for rough conduct early in the second term which resulted in a 50m penalty, with a smother from Morton and consecutive tackles from Beeck highlights for the Tigers.

Addison Dew (on debut) kicked the only goal of the term after a pass from Lee, as the Tigers extended their lead to 16 points at half-time.

A strong mark from Brett Wilson saw the Tiger kick the team’s seventh goal after a long kick from Stergiou and gave the team a 21-point lead early in the second half, before Mitchell Antonio replied for the Falcons.

Enter Beeck.

Like a raging bull, the ferocious Tiger hit the ball at speed before kicking truly from outside 50 to add the team’s eighth major before being mobbed by teammates after providing arguably the highlight of the game.

Hitchcock then benefited from some hard running and a pass from Morton to give the Tigers consecutive majors and a 28-point lead, before Dew provided a goal-saving rushed behind at the other end.

The Falcons’ woes then increased, with Larmett joining Rotham in the umpire’s book.

Goals to Gilbert and James Egan (on debut) soon followed, with Lee involved in the latter, before Wilson sensationally snapped the Tigers’ 12th goal and gave the team a 46-point lead at the final change after a scintillating six-goal-to-one third term.

A goal to West Perth’s Corey Chalmers early in the final term briefly halted Claremont’s momentum and a run of five consecutive majors, before Yarran finished with aplomb on the run to reply for the Tigers.

Lee then kicked his third goal after a downfield free-kick resulted from Ben Higgs copping some late contact from an opponent, which ended his game, before Eddie Simpson gave the Tigers a 59-point lead after benefiting from some great transition from defence as well as some hard running and repeat efforts from Stergiou.

Consecutive 50m penalties and a bullet pass from Lloyd saw Lee mark strongly and kick his fourth, before a second to Egan resulted from a string of passes from unmarked Tigers, with the team now out to a 70-point lead and the Falcons waiting to be put out of their misery.

A late goal to Dylan Yem saw the hosts kick their sixth major, before an outstanding pack-mark from Jordan Reid (on debut) in front of the interchange bench capped off a fine display from the Tigers.

The Tigers have a bye in round two, before hosting East Fremantle at Claremont Oval in round three.

Meanwhile, Claremont’s Colts recorded a 17-point win against an inaccurate West Perth, 12.6 (78) to 8.13 (61), after a six-goal-to-one final term.

CLAREMONT 5.1 6.3 12.5 17.7 (109)

WEST PERTH 3.0 3.5 4.7 6.12 (48)


CLAREMONT: 4 T. Lee, 2 B. Wilson, J. Stergiou, J. Egan, 1 J. Beeck, N. Yarran, E. Simpson, K. Gilbert, S. Morton, A. Dew, C. Hitchcock.

WEST PERTH: 1 C. Chalmers, M. Antonio, A. Coe, D. Yem, J. Bennett, E. Larmett.


CLAREMONT: J. Beeck, S. Morton, T. Lee, N. Yarran, R. Lloyd.

WEST PERTH: A. Coe, A. Lynch, S. Nelson, B. Antonio.

By Dan Scamozzi 

TABtouch Supports Claremont Footy

Thursday, March 29, 2018 - 11:01 AM



March 27, 2018

TABtouch, the wagering arm of Racing and Wagering WA (RWWA) have partnered with Claremont FC in an exciting new initiative that will see our club directly benefit from the partnership.

As a part of the agreement TABtouch will give us a portion of every dollar bet when a new TABtouch account is opened and when any bet is placed at our games.

RWWA General Manager Wagering Michael Saunders said TABtouch is proudly Western Australian and a passionate supporter of local footy.

“Join TABtouch today through your local WAFL club and a portion of every bet you place will go directly back to your football club,” said Saunders.

“Whether you’re placing a bet on sports or on racing, at home or on the go, your club will see the reward.”

The new partnership is aimed at supporting the development and sustainability of football in WA through providing an additional revenue stream for the clubs that they can use for venue enhancements, entertainment and equipment.

The TAB has had a vested interest in supporting the sport and recreation industry in WA, and for many years through community partnerships, has given an estimated $150million back into the WA community each year.


Goddard ready for No. 1 role

Wednesday, March 28, 2018 - 2:38 PM

Jeremy Goddard celebrated his 20th birthday on Tuesday this week and is looking forward keenly to taking over from Mitch Andrews as Claremont’s No. 1 league ruckman this season.

He donned the No. 50 jumper at his league debut, against Perth at Lathlain Park in a round-20 fixture last August when he filled in for the injured Mitch Andrews and gained 30 hit-outs in a wholehearted effort which played a solid part in Claremont’s 99-point victory.

That remains as Goddard’s only league appearance --- and in an indication of his respect of the magnificent work Andrews did in leading Claremont’s ruck over the past seven seasons he requested that he should take over the No. 24 jumper which was worn with such distinction by Andrews.

Goddard is a man mountain and a ruckman of immense promise. But he certainly has big shoes to fill. The 31-year-old Andrews was a member of Claremont’s league premiership sides in 2011 and 2012 and in 109 league appearances for the Tigers he gained 3246 hit-outs.

Goddard is a work in progress, and he is progressing wonderfully well. A member of Western Australia’s 16s and 18s sides, he has represented Claremont in 30 colts and 21 reserves matches. He is a commanding figure on the field with an imposing physical presence. He is an excellent tap ruckman who can use either hand to palm the ball to a teammate.

He also impresses with his marking ability, strong tackling and long kicking.

Goddard’s development is being helped by the expert tuition he is receiving from legendary football identity Percy Johnson, who has been appointed as Claremont’s ruck coach this year.

The 85-year-old Johnson, a member of Western Australia’s Hall of Fame, has an unbroken involvement in WAFL football as a player, coach and television critic for almost 70 years.

Johnson, a passionate student of the game, has had stints as a league coach with Swan Districts, South Fremantle and West Perth. He also played 228 WAFL matches and 13 for WA. An athletic ruckman, Johnson played 180 league matches for East Fremantle, 21 for Swan Districts and 27 for Claremont. He was a member of East Fremantle’s 1957 premiership side.

He led the Tigers ruck in all 21 matches in 1960 when he scored 39 goals to share the honour of the club’s leading goalkicker with rover Murray Ward. He has worked as a ruck coach with the Fremantle Dockers, East Fremantle and Swan Districts and also helped previous Claremont league coaches Gerard Neesham, Darrell Panizza and Mark Riley.

By Ken Casellas     

2018 Player Quiz - Jye Bolton

Wednesday, March 28, 2018 - 2:26 PM
Get to know CFC's Senior Players through our weekly Player Quiz!

Q1 Name: Jye Bolton
Q2 Nickname: Bolts, Jerry, Joe, Bear
Q3 AFL club supported as a kid: Geelong
Q4 Best moment in junior footy: Seeing Luke Maddock kick a drop punt for the first time
Q5 Favourite sporting hero: LeBron James
Q6 Favourite food: Seafood
Q7 Favourite movie: Happy Gilmore
Q8 Favourite TV show: Brooklyn 99, Suits
Q9 If you could swap jobs with someone, who would it be: LeBron James or Justin Bieber
Q10 If you won the lottery, what would you buy first: Jet to fly the boys to Europe
Q11 What’s your next bucket-list destination: Africa
Q12 Your wife/partner or best friend would describe you as: Competitive
Q13 The three people that you admire the most and would like to meet:
               1. LeBron James
               2. Justin Bieber
               3. Roger Federer
Q14 Your most treasured possession: Last photo I had with my pa
Q15 What do you like to do on your days off? Hang with mates, Golf, Beach, anything outdoors really
Q16 What is your favourite memory at Claremont FC so far? Footy trip, Zac Langdon being drafted
Q17 Who is the king of selfies at CFC? Morgan Davies would love if I said him but Ryan Murphy pips him just 
Q18 Who would you say is the funniest player at CFC? Jared Hardisty
Q19 Before a game I always: Run out from race 3rd
Q20 As a footballer, how would you like to be remembered? Bloke who did everything he could to help us win

Round 1 Preview West Perth vs. Claremont

Wednesday, March 28, 2018 - 8:44 AM

Claremont and West Perth will continue their recent rivalry when they meet at HBF Arena on Saturday in the opening round of the 2018 McDonald’s WAFL Premiership Season.

With the home-and-away season shortened to 21 rounds, a fierce contest is set to unfold as both teams head into the match under new captains.

Ian Richardson, a Claremont champion and favourite son, has taken the reins from Jake Murphy, while Aaron Black replaces Jay van Berlo at the helm of West Perth.

The Tigers and Falcons have produced some classic encounters in recent seasons, with nine of the past 12 meetings between the teams decided by 10 points or less.

The club encourages the Tiger army to attend the game and cheer the team to victory.


HBF Arena, Saturday, March 31, 1.40pm.

Reserves: 10.55am.

Colts: Friday, March 30, 4.00pm.


7mate will be televising the game LIVE from 1.30pm, or you can download the WAFL App and listen via Footy Radio on your phone.


Played: 266.

West Perth: 155.

Claremont: 110.

Draws: 1.

By Dan Scamozzi

Maister Leads the Way

Monday, March 26, 2018 - 1:40 PM

Claremont’s third and final pre-season match took place at Steel Blue Oval on Saturday, with the Tigers taking a number of positives out of their six-point defeat to Swan Districts.

In tricky conditions, Swans prevailed 9.12 (66) to 8.12 (60), however, Claremont veteran Beau Maister highlighted his importance to the team, with the bustling forward hauling in seven marks and kicking a team-high three goals.

Maister’s ability to provide a contest, bring teammates into play and set up goals was also impressive, while Keifer Yu was outstanding at the other end of the ground with his reading of the play and attack on the ball, and also drifted forward to kick two goals.

Ruckman Jeremy Goddard continues to improve and won a game-high 31 hit-outs, while Fraser Gilbert and Lewis Davis were outstanding in defence.

Captain Ian Richardson kicked two goals, while joint vice-captain Kane Mitchell worked tirelessly and recorded a game-high 34 disposals.

Morgan Davies had his game ended prematurely after copping a knock to the head, while Nick Winmar was reported for rough conduct.

A holding-the-ball free-kick to Corey Mitchell saw the speedy Tiger set up a rampaging Yu for the opening goal of the game, with Winmar setting the tone with his fierce attack on the contest.

However, Swans hit back with the next five goals, including two to Todd Banfield, before Maister marked strongly and kicked a timely major as the Tigers trailed by 19 points at the first change.

Coach Darren Harris praised the Tigers’ tackling, but implored the team to improve in uncontested possession, with Swans on top in the latter.

A goal-saving touch from Davis prevented Swans from extending their lead, before Lachlan Martinis put his body on the line to make a crucial spoil in defence.

However, Swans kicked the only goal of the second term to extend their lead to 28 points at half-time.

When Yu pounced on an errant Swans’ kick-in it allowed the tenacious Tiger to kick his second goal and give the team a great start to the third term, before Maister added his second and trimmed the deficit to 15 points.

The prominent Yu then set up Richardson for his first goal as the Tigers trimmed the margin to five points at the final change on the back of three consecutive majors and keeping Swans scoreless for the term.

Harris and the team highlighted great voice and on-field communication as a positive, with the Tigers now focused on finishing the game and their pre-season on a high.

A goal to Swans’ Corey Gault extended their lead to 10 points early in the final term, before a strong mark and pass from Maister to Richardson saw the skipper kick his second major and the Tigers trailing by just four points.

Goals to Matt Rogers (second) and Banfield (third) saw Swans reply and take a 16-point lead entering time-on, before some repeat efforts from Maister allowed Matt Palfrey to kick the Tigers’ seventh major.

Maister then kicked his third goal, however, it wasn’t enough for the Tigers, who now turn their attention to round one of the McDonald’s WAFL Premiership Season and West Perth at HBF Arena on Saturday.

CLAREMONT 2.3 2.5 5.10 8.12 (60)

SWAN DISTRICTS 5.4 6.9 6.9 9.12 (66)


CLAREMONT: 3 B. Maister, 2 I. Richardson, K. Yu, 1 M. Palfrey.

SWAN DISTRICTS: 3 T. Banfield, 2 M. Rogers, 1 J. Watson, W. Wilson, S. Wityk, C. Gault.

By Dan Scamozzi

Tigers Pounce on Wasteful Swans

Monday, March 26, 2018 - 1:33 PM

Claremont’s Reserves’ third and final pre-season match took place at Steel Blue Oval on Saturday, with the Tigers recording a 13-point win against an inaccurate Swan Districts.

With Jye Bolton (41 disposals, 12 marks, six inside 50s, three goals) best afield in his first match of the pre-season, the Tigers prevailed 10.8 (68) to 6.19 (55).

The win was also set up by a three-goal-to-nil second term and the ability to capitalise in front of goal.

Jacob Orr, Brett Wilson, Josh Bennett (acting captain) and Jake Stergiou all impressed, while Nick Yarran laid a team-high six tackles and kicked one goal.

Ben Higgs continues to show his versatility at both ends of the ground, with the utility taking nine marks, kicking two goals and also contributing to several others.

In further good news, Jack Beeck lined up in his first game at any level since round 23, 2016, as he works his way back to full match fitness following a knee reconstruction, with the popular and fierce Tiger impressing in defence with his reading of the play and attack on the ball.

Charles Le Fanu and Nick Bucknall were also among the inclusions, however, the Tigers lost Jesse Laurie (calf) to injury in the first term.

A goal to Swans’ Levi Ridley gave the hosts an early lead in overcast conditions, before Bolton snapped truly to draw the Tigers level.

Consecutive majors to Swans gave the hosts a 12-point lead at the 13-minute mark of the opening term, before a booming kick from Higgs allowed Kaiden Gilbert to kick the Tigers’ second goal and trim the deficit to seven points at the first change.

With Bolton prominent but the Tigers one man down, coach Steven Armstrong praised the team’s great effort, before another long kick from Higgs resulted in another ground-level goal early in the second term, this time to Yarran, and followed Armstrong’s quarter-time message to get the ball deep in the forward line.

Higgs then went from goal provider to scorer, as the Tiger strongly marked a booming kick from Bolton and kicked truly to give the team a six-point lead.

James Egan quickly added the Tigers’ fifth major and gave the team a nine-point lead at half-time, with Swans restricted to just four behinds for the term.

A second goal to Higgs, resulting from some great ball movement, gave the Tigers five consecutive majors and a 15-point lead early in the third term, before Bolton snapped his second following some great efforts from Bailey Bennett.

With Bolton now playing deep and putting on a show, the 2016 Sandover Medallist quickly added his third as the Tigers took a 27-point lead on the back of seven consecutive goals, before two majors to a wasteful Swans briefly halted the momentum and pulled the hosts to within six points at the final change.

A goal to Rhett Lloyd extended the Tigers’ lead to 12 points and gave the team some breathing space in the final term, before Swans hit back through a second goal to Tom O’Brien.

However, a goal to Tre Kelton followed some great transition from defence and saw the Tigers prevail, as they now turn their attention to round one of the McDonald’s WAFL Premiership Season and West Perth at HBF Arena on Saturday.

Meanwhile, Claremont’s Colts defeated Swan Districts by 36 points, 16.2 (98) to 9.8 (62).

CLAREMONT 2.2 5.4 8.4 10.8 (68)

SWAN DISTRICTS 3.3 3.7 5.16 6.19 (55)


CLAREMONT: 3 J. Bolton, 2 B. Higgs, 1 J. Egan, R. Lloyd, K. Gilbert, N. Yarran, T. Kelton.

SWAN DISTRICTS: 2 T. O'brien, 1 G. Ottaviano, C. Garcia, L. Ridley, Z. Pethybridge.

By Dan Scamozzi