Egan Shines On Debut

Tuesday, May 15, 2018 - 10:29 AM

By Ken Casellas

What a way to start your league career! That was the overwhelming emotion experienced by Claremont supporters in the round-six WAFL fixture at Rushton Park when they gasped with admiration as the pencil thin Jimmy Egan hurled himself to tackle the giant Peel Thunder ruckman Scott Jones.

The match was nine minutes old when Jones gained possession of the ball in Claremont’s right forward pocket. The 19-year-old Egan, on the field for only a couple of minutes in his league debut, tackled Jones and brought him to ground.

The fierce tackle stuck and Jones was penalised for holding the ball and Egan was awarded a free-kick for his determined effort. Egan’s shot at a goal veered across to the left and registered a behind.

The Wyndham teenager deserved to score a goal with his first kick in league football after his fearless tackle. It was a David and Goliath confrontation to be relished. The 60kg Egan was the lightest player on the field and he managed to stop the biggest man on the ground, the 205cm and 109kg Jones.

The difference in height was 26cm and Jones weighs a staggering 49kg more than Egan.

Egan had to wait until late in the second quarter to notch his first goal in senior ranks. A high right-foot kick from Claremont captain Ian Richardson was marked on the chest by Egan right on the boundary line in the right pocket. A clever screw kick brought up full points.

Egan’s second goal came late in the third term after Morgan Davies had sent the Tigers into attack. Egan gained possession and snapped truly as he tumbled to ground.

A minute later Egan was under notice again when he smothered a kick off the boot of Peel’s Ben Howlett. Egan finished the match in splendid style by accepting a pass from Ryan Lim and flying into the air to take an excellent overhead mark 20 metres out from goal. With 25 minutes on the clock Egan kicked truly to finish with three goals.