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2017 Player Auction Groups

Tuesday, February 28, 2017 - 1:07 PM
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This is your opportunity to get right amongst the action in 2017 and receive large cash prizes by winning a group of players in the Claremont Football Club 2017 Player Sweepstakes Auction. 

The Auction takes place at our Season Launch on Wednesday 8th March. Make sure you purchase a ticket today (28th Feb) or have someone who is attending bid for you... But be ready for some heated competition!

Call the Club on 9384 9200 to secure a ticket now. 




Here is a refresher on how you can win weekly cash prizes:

  • The Club will auction off 12 groups of Senior Players.
  • The ‘owners’ of the players selected by the Coach as 1st and 2nd best on ground for the League and 1st for the Development Team will win the weekly cash prizes.
  • 75% of the total money raised will go into the prize pool, divided by 20 games (home & away season) to form the weekly prize. Best on ground will receive 70%, Second 20%, Best on Ground for Development 10% of this amount.
  • Example: if total raised is $30,000, $7,500 to CFC, $22,500 in final kitty, $1,125 per game
  • Then, 1st League - $787.50, 2nd League - $225 & 1st Development - $112.50
  • The remaining 25% will go to the Claremont Football Club. 
  • All cash prizes will be paid into the nominated account on a weekly basis.

2017 Auction Groups as below: